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Alicante getting there and away

Arriving at Alicante Airport and transport downtown and vice versa!

From and to the Airport El Atlet in Alicante there is a frequent airport bus service starting in Downtown Alicante, and of course also a quite more expensive taxi service from the airport that covers all the locations in the province.

The public buss service between the Alicante Airport and the Alicante City Centre is very cheap and works fine, but it takes a little time.

Alicante - Airport Bus Line (C6)

Airport Bus Itinerary Alicante – Downtown / Alicante Downtown - Airport:

From Alicante to the airport: Plaza de Puerta del Mar - Rambla Méndez Nuñez,12 - Rambla Méndez Nuñez,40 - Avenida Alfonso X El Sabio,12 - Plaza de los Luceros,8 - Avenida Federico Soto,5 - Calle Pintor Lorenzo Casanova,26 - Calle Oscar Espla,3 - Avenida Elche/Calle Federico Mayo - Avenida Elche/Parque San Gabriel - Avenida Elche,92 - Avenida Elche/Patents Office - Avenida Elche, 109/Alcoa - Crossroad N-332/N340/Aguamarga - Airport.

From the airport to Alicante: Crossroad N-332/N340/Aguamarga -Avenida Elche/Patents Office - Avenida Elche/Train station - Avenida Elche/Calle Federico Mayo - Calle Óscar Esplá,10 - Calle Reyes Católicos,23 - Avenida Federico Soto,10 - Plaza de los Luceros,4 - Avenida Alfonso X El Sabio,17 - Rambla Méndez Núñez,35 - Rambla Méndez Núñez,7 - Plaza Perta del Mar.


6:20 to 23:10, every 20 minutes.


Ordinary ticket: €2.60; 10-trip ticket: €10.50

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City Centre Tourist Information Offices in Alicante

Tourist Info Alicante Centro C/ Portugal, 17 bajo Bus Station Tlf. (+34) 965 929 802 Fax (+34) 965 920 112  

EXPLANADA DE ESPAÑA Tourist Information Explanada de España, 1, Edificio Carbonell Tlf. (+34) 965 147 038 Fax (+34) 965 215 694  

RENFE Train Company Tourist Information Avda. de Salamanca, s/n RENFE Train Station Tlf.: (+34) 965 125 633  

Tourist Info Alicante Rambla Méndez Núñez, 23 Tlf. (+34) 965 200 000 Fax (+34) 965 200 243  

Tourist Info Playa San Juan, on San Juan beach OPEN DURING SUMMER Playa de San Juan Avda. de Niza, s/n  

Tourist Info Alicante Universidad Sociedad de Relaciones Internacionales Universidad de Alicante Campus San Vicente del Raspeig

Alicante Tourist Information - Tourist Information in the City Centre of Alicante Alicante tourist information official website: Alicante official tourist information E-mail address: and

Addresses to local tourist offices in Alicante

Calle Portugal number 17 at the Bus Station Phone: (+34) 965 929 802 Fax: (+34) 965 920 112 E-mail:

Explanada de España number 1, Edificio Carbonell Phone: (+34) 965 147 038 Fax: (+34) 965 215 694

Tourist information at the Train Station / Railway Station in Alicante

RENFE Central Train Station Alicante Address: Central Train Station Alicante. Avda. de Salamanca, s/n Phone: (+34) 965 125 633 Website: E-mail:

Other tourist information offices in Alicante

Tourist Information Office Alicante Centre Rambla Méndez Núñez, 23 Phone: (+34) 965 200 000 Fax (+34) 965 200 243

Tourist Information office Playa San Juan, on San Juan beach in Alicante Please note: The Tourist Information Office at Playa San Juan is open only in high season, through the summer months.

Address to the Tourist information office in Playa de San Juan in Alicante

Avda. de Niza, s/n Read more about Alicante: Alicante - Visit Alicante - Alicante Travel and Tours >>


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