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Things to do on Costa del Sol: Benalmadena Cable Car

The Benalmadena Cable Car (Teleférico Benalmadena) provides a spectacular ride in modern and comfortable cabins, each with room for six people, over a route that links Benalmadena Costa and the peak of Mount Calamorro. This is one of the highest points on the Costa del Sol at almost 800 meters above sea level, and besides viewing the exceptional scenery you can enjoy a full range of attractions for visitors of all ages

The cable car route begins in Benalmadena, the site of the modern departure station where you can board one of the cabins and set out on a remarkable 15-minute, three kilometers journey to discover breathtaking views of the Costa del Sol. Along the way you will be afforded an incomparable panorama of Benalmadena and a unique perspective of the coast of Malaga. In addition, the slopes of Mount Calamorro offer an extensive display of the botanic wealth of this typically Mediterranean setting, with species of great ecological interest such as hemp agrimony, crimson rock rose, thyme, lilies, mint, Spanish lavender and marjoram.

The journey ends at the Benalmadena Cable Car arrival station, 769 meters above sea level, but the adventure will not have ended yet as there is a full array of leisure activities on offer at the crest of Mount Calamorro. At Valle de las Águilas (Valley of the Eagles) there are daily exhibitions of the most iconic birds of prey, including falcons, eagles, owls, vultures, etc., that soar freely over a singularly beautiful natural landscape, with the Malaga sky and the Mediterranean as the backdrop. A number of perfectly marked trails on the mountain’s crest each lead to scenic overlooks that afford views of the Costa del Sol and the Sierra Nevada Mountains and, on clear days, Gibraltar and the coast of Africa.



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