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Costa Tropical - Spain

Costa tropical: Costa Tropical Murcia and Almunecar. Almunecar and Murcia are located on Costa Tropical in Granada. Costa Tropical is is the Mediterranean coast that stretches from Costa del Sol to Almeria and Murcia in the south of Spain. Almunecar belongs to the province of Granada.

Almuñécar, Motril, La Herradura, Salobreña and Murcia

Almuñécar, Motril, Salobreña and Murcia are the main tourist destinations on Costa Tropical. Especially in summer the long clean beaches on Costa Tropical and the warm Mediterranean seashore waters welcome thousands of Spanish and foreign visitors.

With just around 80 kilometres beaches, Granada has less coastline than any other province in Andalusia. But there is no doubt that Costa Tropical in the province of Granada has the very best climate in Europe. Light winds from the North of Africa, the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the shelter provided by the nearby peaks of the Sierra Nevada gives Almuñécar, Motril, La Herradura and Salobreña the only subtropical microclimate in Europe. More than 320 sunny days every year and an average annual temperature of 20º Celsius makes Granada’s Tropical Coast an unique and heavenly holiday destination all year around.

The tourist boom that coastal Spain lived through in the 60’s and 70’s of the last century arrived late to the Granada coast. This fact has, in the long term, been of benefit: it has not undergone mass tourism nor has the maritime landscape been ruined by over development as has happened elsewhere. The local authorities are now planning what will be the Tropical Coast’s future tourist “boom”: Sustainable development respecting the environment; backing quality tourism where it is envisaged that some ten thousand luxury hotel spaces will be created.

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The Tropical Coast: The province of Granada has almost 80 kilometres of coastline, which has an enviable subtropical microclimate giving places like Almuñécar, Motril, Salobreña and Castell de Ferro amazing crops and pleasant temperatures all year round. The beaches have thick sands with clean, temperate water.


Almunecar is a located on Costa Tropical: That means the Mediterranean coast that stretches all the way from Costa del Sol to Almeria in the south of Spain. Almunecar belongs to the province of Granada. Almuñecar is a true paradise! 

Founded as Sexi by the Phoenicians a thousand years before Christ, Almuñécar is a town brimming over with history which has an important Phoenician period necropolis, the remains of Roman salting factories, five stretches of Roman aqueduct and a Moorish castle. Its other more prosaic attractions are the El Majuelo botanical garden, an exotic bird reserve and a splash and slide park. The Marina del Este leisure port, where sailing boats and outboard motorboats are moored up and which also has several diving schools and centres, is just a few kilometres from Almuñécar.  In total, there are 26 beaches open to visitors within the Almuñécar area.

The weather in Almuñecar on Costa Tropical: Weather forecast and temperatures in Almuñecar on Costa Tropical today: Click here!

The name Costa Tropical comes from the wonderful climate that makes the area ideal for growing the most tropical fruits in all Europe.

Costa Tropical is a perfect area for those who don't like the crowds on Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, but still wants to enjoy a real Spanish Mediterranean holiday. The sun shines 320 days a year on Costa Tropical and the average temperature is around 20 degrees. Without a doubt, a climate suitable for those who want to have sunny days in winter but without travelling  to far.

Almuñecar is probably the best known town on the Costa Tropical. Almuñecar is located near Granada and Sierra Nevada. Almuñecar has wide sandy beaches and rocky coves.  Surrounded by high mountains you also find the valley Hoya de Motril. It is a historic town which was of great importance when the Moors ruled southern Spain. 

During the summer activities Almuñecar are many: One of the highlights is, among many other musical events and local markets, the jazz festival in July. The jazz festival is celebrated every summer since 15 years and has becomed a tradition.

The botanical gardens in Almuñecar are well worth a visit. More than 400 different plants are growing in the subtropical climate.


In the visitor’s imagination Salobreña looks like a great big pile of sugar lumps. Its little cube-shaped, whitewashed houses swirl around a hill crowned by a monumental Moorish castle. From the top at a glance one can savour delightful views of the Sierra Nevada, the Mediterranean and the Fertile Salobreña plain, where subtropical fruit like custard apples, avocados and mangoes are harvested, and where sugar cane is still grown.

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Motril, the province’s biggest population centre after Granada, is a remarkable tourist centre which also has some important agricultural and industrial activities, with its recently enlarged port being a case in point. Its outstanding historical monuments are the Encarnación High Church, built like a fortress by Cardinal Mendoza over the former Central Mosque during the 16th century; the Casa de la Palma, a sugary piece of Muslim origin genius, now turned into a cultural centre; and the Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza sanctuary, built over the old leisure palace of Queen Aixa, mother of Boabdil, last king of the Nasrid dynasty.

Recently a Sugar Cane Museum has been opened. Next to the local beaches there are also countless peaceful and remote coves, opening out between the cliffs hewn by the Contraviesa, Lújar and Los Guájares hills. The outstanding villages of Torrenueva, Calahonda, Carchuna, Castell de Ferro, La Rábita, and La Herradura round off the bucket and spade tourism on offer on the Granada coast.

La Herradura

La Herradura is similar to Nerja or Mijas on Costa del Sol. It is a typical Spanish village but of course full of tourists: Must be visited! The old towns narrow cobblestone streets and alleys with typical whitewashed houses  and the Moorish castle Castillo de San Miguel offers fantastic photos.

Other attractive places along Costa Tropical are Salobreña, Motril, Castell de Ferro and La Rabita.


On the banks of the Segura river the Moors founded Murcia, at the heart of what came to be known as the “huerta” (orchard or market garden), from which this engaging, unhurried city still derives its livelihood. Murcia is know among Spaniards for the wealth of its “huerta” enormous shiny peppers and tomatoes, aubergines and fava beans, the short-grained rice introduced by the Moors and which is the basic ingredient for a myriad local dishes. Indeed, some of the restaurants that serve the specialties of the region are treated as places of pilgrimage by discerning gourmets.

Golf on Costa Tropical

Costa Tropical also means golf in Europe's best climate. Almuñecar has not yet any golf course but Los Moriscos golf course in nearby Motril is almost a dream: a beautiful course with sea views and palm trees. It is also one of the cheapest golf options can be found along the Mediterranean coast.


Club de Golf Los Moriscos

Urb. Playa Granada, Motril, 18600 Granada

Telephone: (+34) 958825527

Fax.: (+34) 958255251




Another option is Granada Club de Golf, just outside Granada with the high mountain peaks of Sierra Nevada in the background.


Granada Club de Golf

Avda. de los Cosarios s / n. Las Gabias, 18110 Granada

Telephone: (+34) 958584436

Fax.: (+34) 958584436







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