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Tenerife - Canary Islands - Spain

EZY group Tenerife

After reading about everyone's experiences with EZE Group I thought I’d let you know about ours. We went to Tenerife on a Gift Company promotional holiday last December and had to attend a presentation with an EZE representative at Granada Park. I was determined to say no to the sales patter but after enduring several gruelling hours with the rep and then his manager, my husband was eventually persuaded that it would be good idea to buy into their scheme. We have recently retired and plan to do some of the travelling we’ve dreamt about, so my husband was tempted by the promised savings. Despite my misgivings we ‘signed up’ and paid the full fee a39.000 on the same day. Like many others, we were told that there was no cooling off period. We sent our timeshare documents to them on our return home and since then the transfer has taken place. Our company Club Olympus contacted us for our permission to transfer ownership in January this year.

As for their holiday service and promised discounts I’m not convinced. First of all we asked them to find us a Nile cruise. The girls in the office were friendly and polite but weren’t very quick getting back to us with any information and had to be chased up several times. Eventually the holiday they came up with was much more expensive than some we found on the Internet on the Teletext Holidays site. We went with one of those instead and had a great holiday! Our second request was more complicated: a two resort skiing holiday in the USA involving an internal flight, car hire, meeting up with friends for the second week and finishing with a few days sightseeing. As before they provided a poor service compared to that of a conventional travel agent. Also their quote was a31,000 more! When we pointed this out their response was, “oh yes they’re a good company!” Since December we’ve received a couple of emails with EZE Group offers. I checked some of them on the Teletext site: same week, same resort and hotel guess what? Teletext’s were cheaper! In conclusion I would say that we’re not very confident that EZE are going to be able to deliver the promised savings. Nor do we feel confident in their service. If we are going to ask them to find us a holiday I know that we’ll be checking the Internet ourselves to see if they’ve come up with the best options and price. So what was the point in paying that a39,000? None at all as we could have done just as good a job ourselves and used that money for some great holidays. Don’t fall into the trap. If there is a cooling off period make use of it and if you have to write off your deposit it’s better than writing off the thousands more that they want.

Posted by ...


wow can't believe so many people have been caught by these people, I told them at the start I was out of work and was going to have hip replacement treatment so could be out of work for a couple of years, guess what? Gordon nice Scottish chap, could really help us out the only way was on emerald plan 75 000,000 points a314,500 to get into it 1k deposit rest on return to uk. Yes Gordon be we have no savings and very little income! watch this this is how I can do you a big favour pay the 1k we can differ the rest of the payment for 12 months, we will then take some of your points use them to get more people out here on discount breaks we will pay you a3188 pounds a month it will be SELF FINANCING we can keep going like this indefinitely, the only cost to you is the 1K, you can still use your points you have left to book amazing holidays at huge discounts look at the this! these are live quotes look what we have done for these people, 2 weeks Mexico All inc flights insurance full ball of wax a31200 for the 2 of them where can you get deals like that? NO WHERE! we ate there breakfast drank there wine and beer ate there snacks had a laugh with John the manager the little one with the face too small for his head, and got them to drop us at the beach couldn't believe we didn't snap there hands off they where bending all the rules to help us. The thing to remember if it sounds to good to be true IT IS, to be honest it does sound good very smooth Gordon top man! but we have heard it before and fortunately know of people who have been caught out, basically we just used it as a cheep week in Tenerife in a decent apartment okay we had to sit for 4hours drinking there beer but you got to be strong and say no. as far as the story's I have read on here you must be given a 14 day cooling off period if not it isn't legal that's your starting point and I would suggest a group effort rather than individual claims. good luck to you all, but for the grace of god there go I.

Posted by Open

they could take it off her hands, she wouldn't get anything for it but it seemed like a good idea for her & take any forthcoming holidays with my investment in Ezy Group at 40 per cent less than any other companies in the travel business. So my friend & I decided it seemed like a good opportunity. We both enjoy holidays abroad & cruises 2 or 3 times a year. So like the idiots we were after a few fast & furious glasses of wine & Champagne agreed to pay a small deposit with the balance due in 60 days & signed on the dotted line. When we got back to our hotel & thought about it a bit more & checked out just what we had signed. We both agreed that we had been very foolish (no fool like an old fool!) & at our next meeting the following Thursday that we didn't think we could afford to do it. we didn't have that kind of cash that we could lay our hands on apart from our Pensions. We were told that it was too late & there was no cooling off period & we had signed the form which said that.

They said we could offer to sell it back to them which to me meant we would loose quite a bit of money including our deposit of a thousand pounds each. They were right! We had signed a form which advised us of lots of different things like -no cooling of period & that the product was not defined by the EU directive 2008/122/EC. Too be perfectly honest we weren't really listening to our regret but the wine had taken over by this time & we didn't actually sing each one Johnny did! also the one about had they shown us the bad publicity? no they hadn't .We have both been very foolish & to our cost regret what we have done. I there any light at the end of this tunnel???????The next day we returned to the UK & felt

Posted by Happy


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