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Ferrol represents a perfect opportunity to discover an 18th-century city that is different from the rest of Galicia's cities. Ferrol is a fishing and industrial city, home to renowned sailors and soldiers. The sea is the soul of Ferrol, which exists in symbiosis alongside it. Ferrol originated as a fishing village and, over time, became a city of great naval and military power, largely thanks to its natural harbour, one of the most sheltered and beautiful in the world. An ideal place to seek haven from the wild waters of the Atlantic, it is accessed past the surveillance of the Castles of San Felipe and A Palma.

The port in Ferrol, very near the Cruxeiras jetty, designed in the middle of the 18th century, where you can appreciate the characteristics of the period's military engineering, leads into Calle Espíritu Santo and the Plaza Vella, whose main features are the traditional homes with projecting galleries, so traditional in Galician cities.

One of Galicia’s most important tourist resources is for visitors to discover the cultural, artistic and monumental treasures in seven of the main Galician cities' old quarters: Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense, Pontevedra, Ferrol and Vigo; each one different and each with their own charm. Restoration work has made it possible to recover the value of our cities old quarters for tourism, exhibiting a combination of all architectural styles and one of whose main attractions is their own local residents.

A highly-recommended visit in Ferrol is the Arsenal, an impressive military complex built around 1750, which gives visitors some idea of the Navy's considerable importance in the city's construction. One of the most attractive urban features in the city of Ferrol is the A Madalena district, erected according to plans approved by Charles III in 1761, with a completely square layout, only interrupted by the Plaza de Amboaxe and the Plaza de Armas.


Way of St. James - Camino de Santiago: The discovery of the remains of Saint James, the Apostle Santiago around 820 marked the beginning of the pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela, creating the Way of St. James, El Camino de Santiago. King Alfonso II, the Chaste, ordered the construction of a small church on the site of the discovery and the news spread among the community of believers and the Christian kingdoms of the western world. This was the start of the pilgrimages and the worship of St. James in Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain.

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Festivals and fiestas in Galicia in North Spain: Village festivals that have received the distinction of being of Tourist Interest are events that are known for their display of cultural values and attention to popular tradition, with special regard for ethnological features and are valued as a tourist attraction. Among the factors considered are the number of years the fiesta has been celebrated, its continuity over time, and the originality and diversity of its programme of activities.

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