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Golf - One of the sectors of greatest economic impact in Malaga

In the province of Malaga golf generates an economic impact of 940 million euro,  according to Tourist Board figures. As far as the economic effects of golf tourism are concerned, in all of Spain there are about 10,840,000 outings on the courses each year. On the Costa del Sol there are 1,463,000, 13.5% of the total in Spain.

The Costa del Sol Tourist Board will organise the Fourth Costa del Sol Masters Madrid

This year the Costa del Sol Tourist Board will organise the fourth Costa del Sol Masters Madrid tournament. As in previous years, it will take place between March and October on six courses in the Community of Madrid and the finals will be on the Costa del Sol. Last year the Costa del Sol Tourist Board organised the Third Costa del Sol Masters Madrid with the help of six Madrid golf clubs: La Moraleja, RACE, El Olivar de la Hinojosa, Villa de Madrid, Real Sociedad Hípica Española and Las Lomas El Bosque. A total of 2,500 players took part and a hundred pairs qualified for the grand finals and travelled to the Costa del Sol to enjoy a weekend of golf. A tournament was held in parallel with this between professionals from assorted provincial and nationwide information media outlets.

As in the last tournament, each competition will have two winning pairs, one from the first and one from the second category. The former includes those pairs whose exact total handicap is no greater than 30.4, while the remaining participants will be included in the second category. There is a minimum age limit of 24 years to take part in either category.

The goal of this unusual tournament is to publicise to the Madrid market the Costa del Sol’s enormous potential for this sport, which is even greater with the inauguration of the AVE train between the Spanish capital and Malaga.

It should be kept in mind that as of January 2008 Madrid had a total of 89,077 golf club members, six thousand more than the year before. This figure represents 28% of all existing memberships in Spain. The Spanish capital has four 36-hole courses, fifteen 18-hole courses, twelve with nine holes and six par-three courses. The Costa del Sol, on the other hand, has a total of 73 golf courses, of which 55 are conventional and eighteen are par-three. They break down as follows: four 27-hole courses, 47 18-hole courses and four with nine holes, in addition to the aforementioned par-three courses.

The Costa del Sol Masters-Madrid benefits from the cooperation of AVE, Turismo Andaluz, the Andalusian Golf Federation and Valle Romano, in addition to numerous entities and firms that are members of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board.



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