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Granada - Grenada Spain

Granada - Grenada & Sierra Nevada: Sun, Culture and Skiing

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Granada - Grenada: The city of Granada - Grenada in the mountains Sierra Nevada is an ancient city with long history and very intense nightlife. Granada - Grenada is for sure one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and perhaps in all of Europe. Nearby Sierra Nevada is a paradise for winter sports: Sierra Nevada is the southernmost ski resort in Europe with a climate that no other ski resort can offer, nor in Spain , nor in the rest of Europe.

Granada - Grenada is a Spanish province that reaches from the mountains Sierra Nevada to the sunny Mediterranean coast. But the City of Granada - Grenada is not on the coast, and it is not visited by European tourists looking for the usual beach and sun holidays. Granada - Grenada is mostly visited all around the year by tourists who wants to see El Alhambra. The fantastic Arabic palace and the splendid gardens El Generalife. The whole city of Granada is full of beautiful views.

Sunshine is not unusual in Granada - Grenada, but the temperatures in winter are very, very low compared to the rest of Andalusia and snow is common from December to January. On the other hand, the summer in Granada - Grenada is incredibly warm and dry, as in most Spanish inland areas. The mountains Sierra Nevada are a part of life in the City Granada - Grenada, that is situated right at the foot of the mountains. The views of the often snow covered peeks of the Sierra Nevada mountains are stunning, and almost somehow unreal. Those who have been in Nepal and seen the Himalayan peeks can get a similar feeling when they visit Granada - Grenada. Himalaya and Annapurna might bee the higher, but from the streets of Granada - Grenada and from the Alhambra it is easy to fell like being close to the top of world.

Nobody can forget the first time they saw the Alhambra, a unique place and the most spectacular and famous Moorish palace in the world. Its boat–shaped outline, dotted with cypress trees, can be seen from any point around the city. This splendid monument has been the main symbol of Granada for twelve centuries. The Alhambra has been a city, a palace for kings and a fortress. In the 18th century it withstood the invasion of Napoleon’s army, which was on the verge of blowing it up, and it was left to the mercy of thieves and tramps for decades until it was declared a national monument in 1870.

The complex as a whole is an amazing construction: it has no main façade, no centre, no definite axis. Buildings, towers, palaces, courtyards and gardens seem to arise naturally, as if they had been designed by the very life of their inhabitants. It is decorated using sober materials: plaster, ceramic tiles, marble and wood that the craftsmen’s skill turned into intricate bases, coffering and honeycomb plasterwork, which delight the visitor at every turn. But its real luxury is the water, the perfume, the greenness and the silence.

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Granada - Grenada's most famous tourist traction is the Ski Resort Sierra Nevada and of course, the Moorish palace El Alhambra. El Alhambra is surrounded by the beautiful gardens El Generalife, El Palacio de los Nazaríes and Carlos 5:th palace.

Important for those planning to visit the Alhambra is to know how it works with the entrance tickets. Because of the huge number of visitors the authorities has decided to limit the maximum number of visitors to 8 400 per day to preserve the historical monument. Since the ticket office in the entrance only has 2000 tickets to sell every day it is no wonder that all tickets often are often sold out early in the morning. To be sure to get a ticket you can buy it from a travel agent, and also from the offices of the bank BBVA all over Spain.

Granada - Grenada is famous for its beauty and the legacy of the Moors - the Alhambra. The city was ruled the Moors for nearly 800 years, and it was the last Spanish city that the Arabs lost in 1492 to the King Fernando and Queen Isabel called "Los Reyes Catolicos", the Catholic kings. Isabel la Catolica was according to the history books very, very cruel.

After that Granada - Grenada again was controlled by the Christians, Carlos V began to build his palace in Granada in 1526. The palace is considered to be one of the finest Renaissance buildings in Spain, although it seems some how out of place in the otherwise Moorish surroundings.

Granada offers many other attractions apart from the Alhambra. Plaza Nueva is the centre of the old part of Granada and was built by the Christians. The Cathedral of Santa María de la Encarnación is a masterpiece of the renaissance architecture, and symbolizes the victory of Christianity in southern Spain. The Catholic Spanish kings Ferdinand and Isabel are buried in the royal chapel of the cathedral.

When you have walked for hours it's time to eat. There are several restaurants in the area behind Plaza Nueva, below the Alhambra and around the cathedral. In Granada tapas are the specialty and they are served in all bars. Granada is also famous for its sweets and delicious Serrano ham.

Other interesting information about Granada is that it is a city with great tradition in medical studies. The university in Granada is well known, and with much prestige. During the winter the city bustles with university atmosphere, specially in the narrow streets in the old part of the city. Nightlife in winter is also young and perfect for students, the prices are really affordable.

Granada's gypsy quarters Sacromonte and its flamenco tradition and is also very famous. The whole neighbourhood just lives the special gypsy and flamenco atmosphere. But, Sacromonte is not a visit to recommend if you are walking around alone!

The search for Moorish treasure leads to Granada, capital of Spain’s last Moorish kingdom. Few experiences can surpass the view from the Albaicín quarter across to the Alhambra –both World Heritage sites– at sunset, the towers of its palace fortress glowing red against the backdrop of a snow-capped Sierra Nevada. Everything you have heard about the Alhambra and the adjoining Generalife gardens is true, and those with the luck and foresight to have reserved a room at the Parador (state-run luxury hotel) within its grounds will enjoy the experience all the more. Sitting on the Parador terrace, reading a good book, listening to birdsong, it is easy to forget that, down below, the university town of Granada hums with life. For a taste of Andalusian history after the Moors’ departure, a visit to the twin World Heritage Cities of Úbeda and Baeza, across the mountains north of Granada, will submerge you in two towns of Renaissance splendour.

Skiing in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is Europe's southernmost ski resort and offers something that other ski resorts in Europe hardly can dream of: The combination is ski and sunshine together with nightlife and cultural visits to Granada - Grenada. From November to April you can enjoy the ski resort in Sierra Nevada and the warm winter sun of the south of Europe in Sierra Nevada. Where else is it possible to ski and sunbathe in t-shirt, and later in the evening enjoy discos and bars at reasonable prices?

The short distance from Granada to the Sierra Nevada ski resort and the warm sunny Mediterranean coast makes Granada unique. A day trip to Granada is not enough to experience not even a small part of what the city and its surroundings have to offer.


 Worth to visit in Granada - Grenada

Alhambra, Generalife, the Cathedral, the Monastery of Los Jeronimos, La Cartuja, Iglesia de las Angustias, Colegiata the San Cecilio, Palacio de Carlos V, El Hospital Real, Museo de Arte Hispano-Musulmán.


Getting there and away

To rent a car and go to Granada is not difficult at all, the worst part would be to park the car! For those who prefer other transports: The bus a good alternative from all points of Andalusia. A guide book is almost essential to find your way in Granada and not to miss any of the many places to visit. It would take thousands of hours to see everything the city has to offer. Granada is definitely a city you just have to visit in Andalucía.

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