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Ibiza Balearic Islands Spain

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Ibiza is the Spanish Balearic island's third largest island and has approx. 80,000 inhabitants and 210 kilometers coastline, 180 of those are fine sandy beaches. Ibiza is located 100 kilometers off the coast of Costa Blanca. On Ibiza you can find some of the best, biggest and most spectacular nightclubs in the world, most of them in Ibiza Town (Eivissa), Cala Blanch and San Antonio.

Ibiza: Ibiza is synonymous with nightlife and entertainment. But Ibiza also perfect for families with children and offers nature, sport and of course: sea and sun.

Ibiza's reputation internationally is that the island is one big party. The truth is that the nightlife in Ibiza is hectic and starts already at some of the beaches in the late afternoon.

Ibiza can be reached by ferry from the Spanish ports of Denia, Valencia, Alicante and Barcelona. If you take a boat trip from Ibiza to Formentera (Only one hour by ferry from Ibiza town - Eivissa) you'll discover a paradise of beaches sand dunes, cliffs and coves with some of the cleanest unspoilt beaches and clearest waters in all the Mediterranean.

Ibiza is often called the white island, and is not very large, 45 kilometers long and 25 kilometers wide. In other words, the sea is always present on Ibiza.

Ibiza, which together with Formentera forms the small Pitiusas archipelago, is the Balearic Isle lying closest to the Spanish mainland. The city of  Ibiza, the capital, is also  popularly known by the name Vila. It is perched atop a promontory that dominates the entire port. Rising above the Upper Town are the twin outlines of the Cathedral and Castle. Down below in the Lower Town are the sa Penya and sa Marina Quarters, bustling with the boutiques, restaurants and shops of all kinds that have made this area the city’s nerve centre.

Dotting Ibiza’s shoreline are the beaches of Talamanca, Figueretes, platja d’en Bossa and platja des Cavallet, though the most famous beach on the whole island is, without a doubt, the wide stretch of ses Salines, famed for being the first nudist beach in Spain.

The Santa Eulària des Riu area is another of the island’s holiday centres. The humped form of the Puig de Missa presides over the town, a town located on the only river (the Balcar) in the entire Balearics.

Sant Antoni de Portmany is second only to the city of Ibiza as the most popular and lively place on the island. In sharp contrast, the north coast, known as els Amunts, is practically virgin and has scarcely any towns or villages. This coast is rugged and sheer, and offers few points of access.

The city of Ibiza sums up the character of the island with which it shares its name.  Its ancient walled old town, the D’Alt Villa, officially declared a UNESCO World Heritage City, hints at a past stretching back to antiquity; Ibiza was always a major trading post. Today, it vibrates with the freewheeling spirit of an island that has become synonymous with fun and fashion, trendy boutiques and a nightlife that constitutes an after-dark legend.

Towards the end of the sixties of the 20th century Ibiza became famous thanks to the hippie movement, which endowed it with the status of a counterculture paradise. Enduring legacies of this movement are the island’s ebullient festive side and the so-called “Ad Lib” fashion, a source of revenue and of an image projected to the world at large.

Although Ibiza became famous during the sixties when some groups of hippies discovered the island and lived a "flower power life" on Ibiza that was unimaginable in the rest of Europe and perhaps worldwide, Ibiza is a place with 3000 years long history, interesting culture and beautiful nature.

The phenomenon of Ibiza as “Hippie Island” has since then been repeated elsewhere in the world, for example in Goa in India, but without reaching a magnitude as in Ibiza Cala Blanch.

Ibiza: More than parties

In addition to the cheap and hectic night life in Ibiza where plastic cups, litre bottles of spirits and hashish are the major attractions one finds also many other things on Ibiza. The nautical life of Ibiza is just as renowned as the parties. An infinite number of boats are navigating in Ibiza's crystal clear waters all year around. Boat charters are nearly as common as car rentals on Ibiza.

Those seeking nature and Mediterranean culture will not be disappointed if they move away slightly from the beaches and tourist resorts. Ibiza's unspoilt nature is incredibly fascinating with almond trees, olive trees and orange trees growing in the inland valleys where you also find tiny villages where time seems to stand still.

In the southern part of Ibiza you will find some more unknown beaches and the cave Ses Fontelles with notable prehistoric cave paintings.


Portinatx is located in the northern part of Ibiza, in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja. The shores of Portinatx are dominated by cliffs, and the interior is formed by mountains of considerable height.

In contrast with other towns on Ibiza, whose traditional activities have given way to the tourist industry, Sant Joan de Labritja still depends on agriculture and cattle raising.

There are three good beaches in the area of Portinatx. The biggest one is on the bay; the little one, S'Arenal Petit, is more private. The third one is Porto Beach, surrounded by little mounds that are covered with pine trees.

Sant Antoni de Portmany

The beautiful town of Sant Antoni de Portmany is located in the island of Ibiza which, along with Formentera, make up the Archipelago of Pitiusas. On the shore of the Sant Antoni Bay, Sant Antoni de Portmany has an interesting historic quarter and beautiful, crystal-clear waters. The variety of accommodations and leisure activities that Sant Antoni de Portmany offers make it one of the most attractive tourist destinations on Ibiza. Taking a quiet walk through the coves and pinewoods is an alternative that reflects the other side of a town that is famous for its exciting night life

The coastline of Sant Antoni has numerous coves and beaches that emerge among rocks and pinewoods. The crystal, tranquil waters are suitable for the little ones to swim, as well as for scuba-diving. The rough shoreline has vast sands, as well as beautiful, hidden coves and other even more remote ones. Some of these coves have all kinds of services available to visitors, while the others are remarkable precisely because they are peaceful and removed, enjoying also a gorgeous scenery. Walks, Routes and Trails: In addition to water sports, Sant Antoni offers the possibility of getting to know the spectacular natural surrounding

In Ibiza, it is almost always a market somewhere. Some of the markets are the typical local Spanish markets, but most tourists go to the "hippie market" where art, fashion, crafts, jewellery and souvenirs are the most popular buys.

Markets can be found in Ibiza at the following locations and days:

Playa den Bossa: Fridays, all day, but only during the summer. In the harbour every night during the summer months. In San Carlos Las Dalias: Every Saturday throughout the year. San Juan, Can Place: Every Saturday (local farming products). Sant Jordi: Flea Market every Saturday. Santa Eulalia, Punta Arabi: Wednesdays all day in summer.

Ibiza airport (Sant Jordi):

Ibiza Airport is located 7 km from Ibiza- Eivissa and 5 km from Sant Jordi. Telephone: (+34) 971. 809. 900, Fax: (+34) 971. 809. 287

Bus Transport Ibiza Airport

Ibiza Airport Bus Route 10: Ibiza Sant Jordi Airport - Ibiza bus Station – Port – Ibiza- Eivissa ferry terminal for Formentera

Bus Times from Ibiza ferry terminal to Airport

Buses to Ibiza Airport

Summer 18/04 - 31/10

Every 30 minutes from 06:30 to 23:30

Winter 01/11 - 17/04

Every 60 minutes from


Bus from Ibiza Airport to Ibiza- Eivissa ferry terminal

Summer 18/04 - 31/100

Every 30 minutes from 06:50 to 23:50

Winter 01/11 - 17/04

The most popular beaches on Ibiza - Playas Ibiza

Playas de Comte

Playa s'illot des Rencli

Playa de San Miguel

Playa Pou des Lleo

Playa Port d'es Yorrent

Playa es Xarcu

Playa des Niu Blau

Playa des Figueral

Playa des Cavallet

Playa de Santa Eulalia

Playa de Talamanca

Playa de Santa Eulalia

Playa de San Antonio

Playa de s'Estanyol

Playa de s'Argamasa

Playa de las Salinas

Playa de Figueretes

Playa de es Pouet

Playa de can Martina

Playa d'es Canar

Playa d'en Bossa

Playa Calo des Moro

Playa Calo de s'Alga

Playa Cala Xucla

Playa cala Xarraca

Playa cala Vadella

Playa cala Tarida

Playa cala San Vicente

Playa cala Salada

Playa cala Portinatx

Playa cala Pada

Playa cala Nova

Playa cala Moli

Playa cala Mastella

Playa cala Llonga

Playa cala Llenya

Playa cala Jondal

Playa cala Gracio

Playa cala des Cubells

Playa cala d'Hort

Playa cala d'en Serra

Playa cala Codolar

Playa cala Carbo

Playa cala Boix

Playa cala Benirras

Playa cala Bassa

Playa bol Nou

Playa Aigua Blanca

Ports in Ibiza: The most popular ports in Ibiza

 Club Nautico Sant Antoni

 Puerto de Sant Antoni de Port Mani

 Puerto Deportivo Coralmar

 Puerto Deportivo de Santa Eulalia

 Club Nautico Ibiza

 Puerto Deportivo Ibiza Nueva

 Puerto Deportivo Marina de Botafoch



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