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Malaga hopes to become the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2016

Some time ago, the city of Malaga decided to present its candidacy to be the European Cultural Capital in 2016. Since then efforts have intensified on all fronts to achieve this since this designation would be an opportunity for Malaga to project itself to the world as a destination with a full cultural and social offer, with resultant benefits for the city’s social and economic development.

Malaga has a long list of features to support its aspirations: an exceptional climate, natural landscapes that boast an extraordinary variety, world-class patrimonial cultural, a historic district of singular beauty, popular celebrations that are known of worldwide, exquisite gastronomy, rich folklore and an increasing amount of cultural facilities in addition to the new museums, such as those dedicated to the city’s history, to flamenco, patrimony, Canovas del Castillo, musical instruments, wines from the province and others. Naturally, the new Picasso Museum with more than 200 works has had significant repercussions on the cultural diversity of the Costa del Sol’s capital.

Malaga also offers the world its modernity and Mediterranean ambience. Its more than two thousand years of history as a city open to the Mediterranean culture, the cradle of civilisations, as well as its tradition as a hospitable and welcoming city, coexist with the modern and technologically advanced Malaga that makes room for a larger number of foreign residents each year.

Malaga’s candidacy to be the European Capital of Culture in 2016 has more than 135,000 backers, many of whom are authorities, associations, plastic artists, actors, etc., both Spanish and foreign. A broad-based campaign to publicise it to all social collectives and to the entire society of Malaga is also being carried out.

For more information and to support the candidacy: and




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