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The Malaga Fairs and Congresses Palace was the site in 2009 of a score of fairs and a hundred events

During 2009 the Malaga Fairs and Congresses Palace hosted a total of twenty fairs and expositions and 106 other events including congresses, conventions, seminars and other functions. The fairs and expositions drew a total of 457,115 visitors and the other events 47,263 participants.

Fairground activity

Of the twenty fairs and expositions that were held at the fair and congress facilities, nine were organised by the Fairs and Congresses Palace and eleven by outside firms. Among the self-organised fairs were “Hostelequip”, “Soy Natura [I Am Nature]”, “Ágora”, “Feria Internacional del Turismo Cultural [International Cultural Tourism Fair] & City Break”, “Salón Inmobiliario del Mediterráneo [Mediterranean Real Estate Showroom]”, “+ Motor Malaga”, “Celebra Malaga [Malaga Celebrates]”, “Expo Hispa-Maroc” and “MIMA”. The twenty shows drew more than four hundred and fifty thousand people (457,115, to be precise), and of these 37,815 were professionals. 1,005 businesses displayed their products or services. They occupied a gross total exhibition area of 109,985 square meters and a net total exhibition area of 58,939 square meters.

Congress activity in Malaga

The congress sector held a total of 106 events in Malaga, of which seventeen were congresses, two were conventions, fifty were seminars and thirty-four were other events. These drew 47,263 participants in all, so it is seen that the average attendance at each event was 445 people. The average stay was 1.7 days. The Malaga Fairs and Congresses Palace proposes a broad and varied calendar of activities with increased numbers of fairs from various spheres of activity, and to attract quality congresses that will bring together consumer motivators in the congress industry and make it possible to attract important and internationally influential events.

Fairs in Malaga

In 2010 the Malaga Fairs and Congresses Palace is investing its energy in creating four new competitions that will diversify the themes of the fairs that the Malaga facility has held up to now. This year the commercial, leisure and spare time, and infant and prenatal sectors are therefore included in the Palace’s activity schedule.

The schedule of fairs to be held at the Malaga facility in 2010 is as follows:

  • Feria Andaluza del Recreativo [Andalusian Recreational Fair] 10-12 March 2010

  • Feria de los Pueblos y Ciudades de Malaga [Villages and Cities of Malaga Fair] 15-18 April 2010

  •  III Feria Outlet-Stock de Malaga [Third Malaga Outlet Stock Fair] 24-25 April 2010

  • Oportunidades SIMed [SIMed Opportunities] 30 April-2 May 2010

  • Natura Malaga [Malaga Nature]: II Feria de Vida Saludable y Desarrollo Sostenible [Second Healthy Life and Sustainable Development Fair] 14-16 May

  • Salón del Hobby [Hobby Showroom] 14-16 May 2010

  • Expocannabis Sur 21-23 May 2010

  • VII Feria Internacional del Turismo Cultural & City Break [Seventh International Cultural Tourism and City Break Fair] 23-26 September 2010

  • SIMed, VII Salón Inmobiliario del Mediterráneo [Seventh Mediterranean Real Estate Salon] 21-24 October 2010

  • IV Feria Outlet-Stock de Malaga [Fourth Malaga Outlet Stock Fair] November 2010

  • Celebra Malaga [Malaga Celebrates], IV Feria de Bodas y Celebraciones [Fourth Weddings and Celebrations Fair] 26-28 November 2010

  • Bebés y Mamás [Babies and Mums] 26-28 November 2010

  • VI Expo Hispa-Maroc [Sixth Hispa-Maroc Exposition] 4-8 December 2010

  • Rastrillo Nuevo Futuro [Children’s shelter fund collection sale] 4-8 December 2010

  • MIMA, VII Muestra Infantil de Malaga [Seventh Malaga Children’s Show] 17-31 December 2010

Congresses in Malaga 2010: The Malaga Fairs and Congresses Palace has begun a new year at the forefront of the city’s fair and congress industry by holding several congresses of national and international reach in 2010, notably including the following eleven:

  • XXIII Reunión Nacional de Empresas OPC [Twenty-third National Meeting of Professional Congress-Organising Firms] 10-12 February 2010

  • The European Meetings and Events Conference 2010 28 February-10 March

  • Reunión Informal de Ministros de Política Territorial [Informal Meeting of Ministers of Territorial Policy] 16-18 March

  • Nano Spain 2010 23-26 March

  • XXXVIII Congreso Nacional de Dermatología y Venereología [Thirth-eighth National Congress of Dermatology and Venereology] 26-29 May

  • XI Congreso Nacional de la Asociación Española para el Estudio de la Menopausia. [Eleventh National Congress of the Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause]. 1-4 June 2010

  • XLV Congreso Nacional de la SEMICYUC y XXXVI Congreso Nacional de la SEEIUC [Forty-fifth National Congress of the Spanish Society of Intensive Care Medicine and Thirty-seventh National Congress of the Spanish Association of Critical Care Nursing] 13-16 June

  • 16th Wonca (World Family Doctors Caring for People) Europe Conference 6-9 October 2010

  • XXVIII Congreso Nacional de Ingeniería Hospitalaria [Twenty-eighth National

  • Congress of Hospital Engineering] 13-15 October 2010

  • IV Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre [Fourth International Conference on Open Source Software] 27-29 October

  • 14th Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine 13-16 November 2010


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