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Malaga City -  Province of Malaga Spain - Malaga Costa del Sol

Calle Larios - MalagaMalaga City - Capital of Costa del Sol

Malaga City is the capital of the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. Many of the visitors on Costa del Sol never visit the City of Malaga. But it is well worth making a trip to Malaga City, the capital of Costa del Sol when visiting the surrounding tourist resorts like for example Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola or Marbella.

Malaga is the capital of Costa del Sol and also the Capital of the Province of Malaga. Malaga is the second largest city in Andalusia,  and a city with great atmosphere and bustling streets. The cultural heritage in Malaga City is great. Museums like the Picasso Museum and the beautiful cathedral in the old town are very special.


Photo: Calle Larios - Centre of Malaga. ©

The narrow streets and typical Andalusia squares in the old part of Malaga are absolutely charming, and perfect for walks and lazy afternoons, with a cold drink on any of the terraces of the many restaurants and bars in the Old Town. The street Calle Larios is the heart of Malaga and the best place for shopping and to get in contact with the city life.


If you have time for more than a fast visit to the capital of Costa del Sol take some time to visit the historical centre in Malaga and head for the fortress Gibralfaro. And if you can, please do not miss a visit to the fantastic Botanical Gardens in Malaga.

The truth is that a one day visit to Malaga Capital / Malaga City is nothing if you really want to know the city: Visiting Malaga City with some time is really to get a true taste of southern Spain. Just like when you visit Sevilla.

Festivals Events and Festivities in Malaga

Malaga has three important events that are wellknown in all Spain. Easter or the Holy Week - Semana Santa. The religious celebrations are spectacular. In august Malaga lives for the festive week La feria de Malaga. Celebrations are all around the city in daytime aand all night long och the fairground outside the city. In spring Malaga comes in the spotlight with Malaga Film Festival. The film festival brings a festive atmosphere to the city centre and especially around Calle Larios.

Malaga - Costa del Sol - Spain

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Things to See in Malaga – Top Attractions in Malaga City

Malaga's top spot is absolutely the Gibralfaro CastleCastillo de Gibralfaro. It's the best place to enjoy the most stunning views of Malaga and the Mediterranean Coast. The castle Gibralfaro in Malaga dates back to the 14th century and is located on top of a high hill overlooking the City of Malaga and the coastline. From the castle you get fantastic views of the most important buildings in the city centre, including the Cathedral. When visiting Malaga, the Alcazaba is another must-see. It's a Morish fortress from the 11th century with very pretty fountains and just beautiful gardens.

Pablo Picasso is with no doubt Malaga's most notable artist ever. Some of Malaga's top attractions focus on the life and work of Pablo Ruiz Picasso. To get a taste of both you should visit both Picasso's Birthplace and the Picasso Museum in the beautiful old part of the city centre in Malaga City.

The house where Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born is located on Plaza de la Merced. The building now houses a museum where you can see things related to the life and work of Pablo Picasso. The Picasso Museum in Malaga houses around 155 of Picasso's pieces, including paintings, drawings, sculptures and lithographs from all the different periods of Picasso's outstanding career. The different galleries are spread over two floors, constructed around a typical south Andalusia Spanish open courtyard.

But Malaga City is not only a capital and the capital of the province. Malaga is synonymous Mediterranean beaches and sea. The best beaches in Malaga City are found in the areas La Malagueta and Pedregalejo.

Shopping in Malaga City

Shopping in Malaga is great and fun. You can find almost everything and suitable for all wallets. Head for Calle Larios or Calle Marqués de Larios and the nearby streets where the old part of the city starts. Even if you really don’t intend to go shopping the area is perfect for strolling around, lunch or sitting down on a terrace watching the city life. The last few years many of the historic buildings in the area around Calle Larios in Malaga has been rehabilitated and the quarters are perfect for walking around on lively pedestrian streets without traffic.

In July and August when the afternoon temperature on Calle Larios and is to hot for walking around and shopping, head for Centro Commercial Larios on Avenida de la Aurora. Centro Comercial Larios is a huge a shopping centre right in the heart of Malaga with over 150 shops and many restaurants, cinemas, etc. And of course: A/C.

Nightlife in Malaga

Malaga has a large number of bars and clubs scattered throughout its streets of the city, no problem finding somewhere to go for a good party night out. All around the city you always find nightlife but most starts at Plaza de la Merced!

Eating Out in Malaga is inexpensive and delicious. Ok, it can be expensive too to eat out in Malaga but most local bars and restaurants have very good food at reasonable prices. Tapas and raciones (Bigger servings of tapas) are almost always cheap and set menus are very common at lunch time.

The street La Alcazabilla in the city centre of Malaga is filled with very nice places to eat and drink and the beach restaurants in Malaga City are perfect if you want to order fresh fish, seafood or paella. The cuisine of the restaurants in Malaga is mostly Spanish - Mediterranean but it is also easy to find Italian and Chinese restaurants.

Transport in Malaga City

Visiting Malaga City it is not probably that you will need much transport as the City Centre is very concentrated. At the most you will take a city bus or a taxi to the bus or train station, or if you want to visit the Botanical Gardens and also if you are heading for the beach. The underground – Malaga metro, is under construction but it will take a few more years until this service is ready to use.

Transport from Malaga City to other locations on Costa del Sol and in Granada / Grenada is very cheap and easy: The coastal train takes you to from Malaga to the Airport and to Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola in a few minutes. To Marbella, Estepona and other cities along Costa del Sol the best option is probably to take a bus from Malaga Bus Station in the City Centre. From the bus station in Malaga you also find economic and direct bus routes to almost all destinations in Spain.

Travel from Malaga to Madrid, Barcelona and other destinations in Spain

There are several flights from Malaga to Madrid and to Barcelona every day but the high speed train AVE also takes you there in a few hours. From the airport in Malaga you can fly to all Spanish airports and there are buses from Malaga connecting to all mayor Spanish provinces and cities.

Festivals Malaga: The local fair and annual festivities in Malaga City stars in the beginning of August. The fair in Malaga is a Spanish festival to remember!

The climate in Malaga is quite extreme to be on the Costa del Sol. The summer in he City of Malaga is unbearably hot for those who are not used to the Spanish summer heat and the winter is colder than in other cities on Costa del Sol in southern Spain.

Malaga is a very big city with more than 700 000 inhabitants. Well known are the August festivals in Malaga. The Easter celebrations in Malaga are considered among the largest in Spain, after Seville and similar to those in Granada and Cordoba. The cultural events and festivals in Malaga are many throughout the year.

Malaga's city centre is a very nice place just to walk around and a fantastic shopping area. Take a walk on the street Calle Larios!  Many of the tourist attractions in Malaga are located in the old part of he City of Malaga. For example the Picasso Museum. Bars serving delicious tapas are found everywhere. Fried fish is another famous local specialty that should not be missed during the visit to the capital of Costa del Sol.

Malaga 34 museums

The bid for cultural tourism is bearing fruit in Malaga, as visitors have considerably exceeded three million. In this context it should be noted that Malaga’s tourism offer will experience a dramatic increase in quality during the next two years with the expected opening of eight new museums including the Thyssen Museum, the greatest hope for cultural tourism. The completion of these projects will consolidate the status of Malaga as a touchstone of tourism on the Costa del Sol, with one of the broadest offers in Andalusia. There will be 34 major museums open in Malaga next year and there are longer-termed projects for another seven museums.

The Picasso Museum enlarges and consolidates its collection

The commitment to the Picasso Museum on the part of Christine, Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, as well as the support provided by the Council of Culture of the Assembly of Andalusia, have made it possible for the Picasso Museum to increase its holdings of Picasso works from 155 to 233 pieces. A total of six donations, 72 acquisitions and 43 temporary loans will be progressively added to the galleries of the Buenavista Palace during the course of 2010, thus enlarging upon the narrative discourse of the permanent collection of the Museo Picasso Malaga Foundation. The Paul, Christine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso Legacy. With the birth last December 2009 of the new foundation that controls the Picasso Museum in Malaga, the Museo Picasso Malaga Foundation. The Paul, Christine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso Legacy, a process began to increase the collection in 2010 through three basic means: donation, acquisition and temporary loan.

Golf in Malaga

Golf in Malaga - Golf on Costa del Sol: At the present time the province of Malaga is the area of Europe with the greatest number of golf courses, and today golf is inseparably linked to the Costa del Sol. It is firmly established as one of the most favourable places for engaging in this sport and thus for hosting the most important events. For some time now golf tourism in Malaga has been creating prospects for incomparable growth for the Costa del Sol, as evidenced by the impressive figures that its demand is recording. Costa del Sol has a total of 73 golf courses, of which 55 are conventional and eighteen are par-three.

The golf phenomenon is a good ally in the struggle to break away from the seasonal nature of tourism on the Costa del Sol as the months of its high season are from October to April or May, which do not coincide with the traditional tourist vacation high season. Golf is undergoing spectacular growth and significant development in Malaga. Each year the golf courses in Malaga attracts a large number of new golfers throughout the continent who spend part of their holidays playing on the many golf courses in Malaga.

Cruise Malaga: Malaga - A cruise ship destination in the Mediterranean Sea

Cruising Ships choose Malaga as destination. The cruise ship traffic in the Port of Malaga in southern Spain is increasing notoriously, not only because of the brand-new infrastructure at the port facilities. The port in Malaga is now capable of handling ships of any size. But also the wide cultural and gastronomic offer in the historical district of Malaga City, just a few meters from the port Cruising Port in Malaga makes the city a perfect stop for all Mediterranean Cruises.

The connections by road, airport (international) and rail that make it possible to be in Madrid in two and a half hours also facilitate tourist access to other points of interest, making the Port of Malaga a gateway to the interior of the province, the country and the rest of the world.

The Port of Malaga expects to receive a total of 630,000 passengers travelling aboard 322 cruise ships in 2010. That means an increase of the number of cruise passengers arriving in Malaga City of 29.06% over the previous year. As far as Malaga Port as home port and interporting port calls are concerned, the cruise shipping lines will continue to bet on the port facilities in Malaga during 2010, both as origin and destination of their cruising itineraries. The Port of Malaga predicts the embarkation and disembarkation of 234,000 passengers during 2010, which would be an increase of 119.87% over the previous year.

Malaga ranks among the leading meetings tourism Destinations

A meetings tourism study by Turespaña places Malaga among Spain’s main destinations for meetings, congresses, fairs and events. Malaga’s new infrastructure, its accessabililityby highway, its AVE link and its domestic and international air connections, as well as the many projects that are underway, are positioning Malaga as one of the most attractive locations for hosting meetings, congresses, incentives travel and grand events.

The results of the “MálagaCon: Congresses With You” campaign, launched by the Malaga Town Hall and the Costa del Sol Provincial Tourist Board with the assistance of the Chamber of Commerce and Turismo Andaluz, are a good example of this. As a result of this hard work of enhancing awareness and attracting congresses, the number of confirmed candidacies to date with which MálagaCon was directly or indirectly involved is eighteen.

The Malaga Fairs and Congresses Palace was the site in 2009 of a score of fairs and a hundred events. During 2009 the Malaga Fairs and Congresses Palace hosted a total of twenty fairs and expositions and 106 other events including congresses, conventions, seminars and other functions. The fairs and expositions drew a total of 457,115 visitors and the other events 47,263 participants.

Local Market Days on Costa del Sol

Mondays: Marbella & Torrox

Tuesdays: Fuengirola and Nerja

Wednesdays: Estepona, Istan, Rincon de la Victoria, Benalamdena (Second hand) & Mijas Costa (La Cala de Mijas)

Thursdays: San Pedro Alcantara, Torremolinos and Torre del Mar

Fridays: Benalmadena and Rincon de la Victoria

Saturdays: Coin, Fuengirola, Mijas Costa, Nueva Andalucía - Puerto Banus

Sundays: Malaga, Coin, Estepona, Fuengirola, Sabinillas - Manilva & Puerto Sotogrande (The Port in Sotogrande)




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