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Marbella and Puerto Banus: The Golden Mile on Costa del Sol

Marbella: Marbella and The Golden mile on Costa del Sol is a luxury way of life!

Sunny beaches, golf courses and the best nightlife in Spain in trendy beach clubs, bars, and of course in the legendary port Puerto Banus in Marbella on the Golden mile of Costa del Sol.

Marbella and Puerto Banus on Costa del Sol: The Golden Mile. Marbella and Puerto Banus on Costa del Sol are known as The Golden Mile. The Golden Mile between Marbella and Puerto Banus means sunny beaches, the best golf courses and high class nightlife in trendy beach clubs, bars, and of course some of the most legendary and glamorous hotels, beach bars and nightclubs in the world. San Pedro Alcantara is situated 4 kilometers from Puerto Banus and even if San Pedro belongs to the municipality of Marbella it actually is more of an independent city offering a wide range of hotels and services conveniently situated close to Puerto Banus, Nueva Andalucia and the many golf courses and residential urbanisations in the area.

Marbella is situated in the heart of Costa del Sol, only 45 minutes from the international airports of Malaga and Gibraltar. Marbella is easily accessible by the Costa del Sol motorway AP 7 and the highway A 7 .

There is something that makes Marbella very different from the rest of Europe, its privileged climate. The climate in Marbe3lla has contributed to make Marbella a favorite destination for golf, health and well being tourism.

The climate on Costa del Sol is privileged all over but Marbella enjoys a very special microclimate due to its location between the Sierra Blanca mountains and the Mediterranean sea. Belonging to the geographical area of the Gibraltar Strait Marbella is protected from the cold winds in winter and the summer temperatures are below those in nearby cities like Fuengirola and Malaga.

The annual average temperature in Marbella fluctuates between 19 and 25 degrees Celsius making the weather the main tourist attraction in wintertime. In addition to the mild temperatures in Marbella the sun shines 320 days a year, beat that if you can!

Marbella: Health and Luxury Life

It is hardly necessary to explain why some of the most prestigious health and SPA centers are found in Marbella. Legendary health clinics like Clinica Buchinger and Incosol Medical Hotel and Spa has been visited by celebrities from all over the world for decades and constitutes a part of the Marbella lifestyle reputation. In recent years a wide range of new health centers, SPAs and Medical Care centers have opened their doors in Marbella where you today find an outstanding choice of first class medical centers, hospitals, care centres, senior homes and beauty and health treatments of all kinds.

Outdoor Marbella

Marbella is world famous for its nightlife, fancy ports, hotels and golf courses but nature is very present all around the area. Water sports are of course one of the highlights but Marbella is also an ideal enclave for hiking, horse riding, mountain biking and visiting quiet laidback white villages in true rural Andalusian surroundings.

Nautical Marbella - Puerto Banus

The port Puerto Banus is known throughout the world as one of the most exclusive and luxurious places you can find on earth. With the time Puerto Banus has found competitors in other countries that might be more modern and luxurious but never will there be a place where you get the same feeling of fun and relax and where you can meet famous people from all over the world walking around by your side. Fact is that Puerto Banus is visited by more than 5 million tourists every year, a daily average of nearly 14,000 visitors every day!

Puerto Banus is a unique place for high class fashion shopping. Dior, Fendi, Cartier, Bulgari, Versace, Chopard ...... Whatever you could dream about is found in the exclusive boutiques boarding the berths where the yachts and the sea always offers nice views when your out of energy or money to continue the shopping.

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Marbella is one of the most famous and glamorous cities on the Costa del Sol. Marbella is the classic synonymous of sun, golf and luxury living in Spain. Marbella represents a way of life!

Marbella is like a dream where the incredibly luxurious villas and palaces are found almost everywhere. Fancy and expensive residential areas are located throughout the city neighbourhoods and many world-famous hotels and golf courses attracts people from all over the world. But Marbella is also a Spanish city where normal people lives and works just like anywhere else.

Marbella is a very green city, with thousands of beautiful exotic trees, parks and plants. A fantastic beach promenade reaches all the way from Marbella to Puerto Banús. San Pedro Alcantara also has a very nice walk along the beach front.

Puerto Banus is one of the hot spots in Marbella. Fancy boats and ships anchor all year round at the docks in Puerto Banus, where Rolls Royce, Ferraris, Maserati, Bentleys and other incredibly spectacular cars are always parked in line. Puerto Banus is an all year round port to delight tourists from all over the world longing for a flashy photo with the car or the boat of their dreams, or both!

The jet set life on The Golden Mile on the Costa del Sol has made Marbella world famous. Arab sheikhs and celebrities appear on this year's hot spots, just as hundreds of paparazzi reporters as soon as a party is celebrated.

But Marbella is much more than that. During the winter Marbella is a pretty quiet town that does not resemble the typical Spanish resort. In recent years Marbella has changed its appearance a lot. It is no longer a village with the typically Andalusian appearance. The population in Marbella has increased very quickly and the former small fishing village has turned into a modern city with about 200 000 inhabitants, many of them lives in the hundreds of "Urbanizaciones", residential areas that surrounds Marbella. In summer the population in Marbella almost doubles.

The municipality of Marbella consists of several parts that many believe to be other villages. Puerto Banus, San Pedro de Alcantara, Nueva Andalucia and Las Chapas are all part of Marbella. The area comprehends all the area from Mijas Costa to  Estepona.

Nueva Andalucia is an important part of Marbella. The area is often called the Golf Valley. Nueva Andalucia is located behind Puerto Banus, towards the mountains and covers a large part of the Costa del Sol's best golf courses. The Golf Valley has developed rapidly and is a paradise for golfers from all around the world.

Marbella is located approximately 6o kilometers from Malaga and stretches 28 kilometers along the coast, between the sea and the mountains. That gives Marbella a very special climate. The micro-climate makes winter milder than elsewhere in Europe and the summer in Marbella is not quite as hot as other places in Andalusia. Rain is not frequent in Marbella. Between May and October the rain is very rare. Even in winter it is unusual that it rains all day. The lowest temperature in Marbella never falls below 8-9 degrees Celsius throughout the year. It is only during some nights in December and January when so low temperatures can be seen on the thermometer.

Marbella was founded by the Phoenicians probably more than 3500 years ago, when they built up the business routes along the south coast of Spain. 300 years BC the Romans ruled in the city and gave the town its first name, Salduba. Later the moors invaded the south of Spain. They landed on the coast between Tarifa and Marbella. They gave the town the name Marbilha. Which later evolved into Marbella. According to the local population, it was a Spanish queen who gave the city its name. It is said that when the Queen of Castile came to the town she described the sight as "Que mar tan bella!" What a beautiful sea! Mar-bella became Marbella according to that version.

Marbella's best beaches are located outside the city centre. The very best beaches in Marbella are located in the area around the areas Las Chapas and Elviria where the five star hotels Don Carlos and Los Monteros are situated. There you also find world famous beach bar Nikki Beach Marbella.

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The beaches close to the Hotel Marbella Club and Hotel Puente Romano between Marbella and Puerto Banus together with Victors Beach and other already classic and almost legendary beach bars in Marbella like Las Cuchis close to Puerto Banus are also still very trendy and popular.

Festival Events and Festivities in Marbella

The local festivities in Marbella are celebrated in June. The celebrations take place in the city centre in the afternoon and evening and on the fairground all night long. On July 16 the fishermen celebrates Virgen del Carmen with a boat parade from Marbella to Puerto Banus. Marbella also celebrates a book fair in August and a beer and tapas festival en Avenida del Mar in the city centre. The Marbella Jazz festival is another popular event on Costa del Sol.

Festivals Events and Festivities in San Pedro Alcantara

The most important festival in San Pedro Alcantara is celebrated in October. The fair lasts for six days. Daytime the celebrations are held in the city centre of San Pedro and in night the fiesta continues on the fairground, nort of the city. The festival Mercado de la Villa is held in San Pedro five times a year. When the Mercado de la Villa fair starts the shops in San Pedro displays their products on the streets where locals and visitors also can enjoy a variety of musical performances and theatre. The Mercado de la Villa Festival is held in San Pedro Alcantara in March, June, August and December.

 Local Market Days on Costa del Sol

Mondays: Marbella & Torrox

Tuesdays: Fuengirola and Nerja

Wednesdays: Estepona, Istan, Rincon de la Victoria & Mijas Costa (La Cala de Mijas)

Thursdays: San Pedro Alcantara, Torremolinos and Torre del Mar

Fridays: Benalmadena and Rincon de la Victoria

Saturdays: Coin, Fuengirola, Mijas Costa, Nueva Andalucía - Puerto Banus

Sundays: Coin, Estepona, Fuengirola, Sabinillas & Puerto Sotogrande (The Port in Sotogrande)



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