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Horses on Minorca - Minorca Horse festivals

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Horses are Black on Minorca - Minorca

The Island Minorca or Minorca belongs to the Spanish Balearic Islands. 

The beautiful Balearic Islands sounds more familiar by their individual names: Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Cabrera, Conejera and some other smaller islands. Palma de Mallorca is probably the most famous city of the archipelago and also the capital of Majorca, they are probably both familiar, but other important cities in the beautiful islands, for example; Mahon, which is Minorca's capital city is still quite unknown.

The culture of the Spanish archipelago that forms the Balearic Islands is definitely a picture of the Mediterranean's ancient history, although the charter tourism conquered and changed the area during the 70's.

Many ancient traditions are still part of the population living on the beautiful Spanish Mediterranean islands of Mallorca - Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza.. A stunning and good example of this is Minorca's traditional festivals that are celebrated around Midsummer.

The horses are an important part of the festival. It's all about the local horse breed; Caballo Menorquin.

These horses are always black and similar to the Arabian horses that are so appreciated in Andalusia. In the celebration of traditional festivals, ceremonies and events on Minorca, only stallions participate. (As mentioned it is all about ancient traditions of the island). Minorca's horses are traditionally all black! Mares used as riding horses or work horses but they never participate in the region's festivities, even if they are perfect. Time to play James Brown's It's a man's world?

The truth is that the number of horses per km2 in Minorca is the highest in all Europe and the local breed and horse races are very popular. The highlight of Minorca's festivals and festivities is without a doubt midsummer, when the saint San Juan (Saint Peter John), is celebrated in Spain. The Ciudadela festival is celebrated for three days and three nights, and the incredibly beautiful stallions which mixes with the crowd is the traditional highlight. The marina is home to medieval games during the festival days. Another of the peculiar traditions belonging to the festival is throwing hazelnuts on each other.















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