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Museums in Malaga City: The City of Malaga offers 34 museums

The bid for cultural tourism is bearing fruit in Malaga, as visitors have considerably exceeded three million. In this context it should be noted that Malaga’s tourism offer will experience a dramatic increase in quality during the next two years with the expected opening of eight new museums including the Thyssen Museum, the greatest hope for cultural tourism. The completion of these projects will consolidate the city’s status as a touchstone of tourism on the Costa del Sol, with one of the broadest offers in Andalusia. Not to forget that the Picasso Museum in Malaga already attracts many visitors to the city on Costa del Sol.

There will be 34 major museums open in Malaga next year and there are longer-termed projects for another seven like The Museum of Flamenco Art - Museo del Arte Flamenco, in the premises of the Peña Juan Breva, the oldest flamenco club in Spain, that already is a splendid reality.

The experience will be similar in the new Glass Museum in Malaga - Museo del Vidrio, also located in the Malaga’s artistic and historical district. The Glass Museum - Museo del Vidrio opened its doors in September 2009 and displays three thousand glass items from different eras that form the private collection of the historian and restorer Gonzalo Fernández Prieto. Of the objects in the unique collection special mention should be made of a Mediterranean piece called Oinoche, from the fifth century B. C. The sixteenth century Catalonian glass items are also remarkable.

Other museums are under construction in the City of Malaga, for example the Museum of the Spanish painter Felix Revello de Toro, the museum Museo El Puerto and the Automobile Museum, as well as the Parque de los Cuentos and the Museo Sefardi (Sephardic ic) museums, The Cinema Posters Museum, the Archaeological Museum of Malaga and the Museo de Bellas Artes of Malaga - Malaga´s Fine Arts Museum.

Without any doubt the crown jewel of all the Museums in Malaga will be Museo Thyssen the Thyssen Museum, due to its great collection of paintings. The Thyssen Museum in Malaga will open its doors in late 2010 or early 2011.


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