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Black dresses- All about inspiration

Are you familiar with history about dresses? For instance, there were black dresses for refinement and distinction: the male and female attire elite in Spain and New Granada.

Designers are coming up with plenty of black dresses models. Back then, they would combine dresses in many ways. Their inspirations were in the amplitude of the coat on hips, similar to the way women dress wide hollow with silly boy, and straight cuts and set in the limbs, back and waist, and the use of breeches, which resembled the uniforms of the guard currents and the Peninsular army.

Female attire

Everything was basic and somehow rudimentary but they would actually wore magnificent designs. The female attire had a great acceptance in the viceroyalty, to disseminate a model of refinement and distinction between interns and friends gatherings and social events. Because of the elaborate clothing, textiles employees, and the sumptuousness of ornaments, invading head, chest, wrists and feet, women's dress of the eighteenth, charges an extraordinary force, and calls attention to the exuberance and x breadth of its image.

In this, greatly contribute two essential pieces: the gossip, or body of whales that moulded and compressed the torso, and the silly boy, a frame cupped skirts to give an appearance of breadth of hips, whose form was usually conical or rounded.

Materials and procedure

At the level of aesthetic appearance, the only thing that differentiated the male costume of female black dresses forms was the fact that these were designed for each particular body. As for materials, equipment, and finishes on the dresses, there was never another time where men and women share similar construction unreservedly of themselves.
According to the above, the distinctions of color and jewelry applications, not literally kept a sharp border between the genders, and access to public image and presentation of it, has always been complementary. Today, some garments are distinguished by the use of white and gold, and the careful preparation and refined black dresses using, displaying alternately, medals, badges, necklaces, headdresses, bracelets, watches, fans, and baton, complementary accessories and essential for body building in eighteenth century America.

The aesthetics of imitation of the body

It is no news that the elite black dresses and its influence on other social classes were huge. This influence, in the constitution of the body representation, allowed the black Austrian saw overshadowed by the variety of colors, textures, fabrics and embellishments that characterized the eighteenth-century dress, and provide new ways of taking the male and female body especially thanks to the remarkable influence of the latter in the construction of male representation




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