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One in four British holidaymakers to take the car in 2015 - Spain one of the countries on the top list

Taking the car still remains a popular option for many British holidaymakers. This year, almost one in four British holidaymakers are planning to take the car with them on vacation. France, Italy and Germany top the list of places most likely to visit. Recent research also shows that British holiday makers like to fill up their boots during the trip buying local delicacies, souvenirs and wine to take home. The results are revealed in the Car Holiday Report 2015 – a survey commissioned by Stena Line on the car holiday habits of British holidaymakers.

The Car Holiday Report is based on a survey of over 1 000 people answering questions about going on holiday by car. The results show that taking the car on holiday is still close to British hearts. This year, almost three out of ten British holidaymakers, 28 %, will take a holiday by car. France is the country that most of British holidaymakers, 42 percent, are planning to visit. This is followed by the Italy and Germany, with 20% and 17 % respectively. Spain and the Netherlands are also popular countries and are on the top list.

In the survey, 69% of British holidaymakers said that they feel that a car holiday provides them with greater freedom and flexibility when on vacation. More than half, 53%, also feel that the one of the best things about holidaying by car is the opportunity to experience spontaneous happenings along the way. Another big advantage of travelling by car, according to British holidaymakers, is the opportunity to buy things to take home. Local delicacies, souvenirs and wine come top when they are asked what they are most likely to buy while on a car holiday.

The survey also measured the popularity of holidaying by car among eight other European countries including Germany, Norway, Ireland and France. "This year, we have carried out a global car holiday survey on all of our markets and we can see that the interest in taking the car on holiday is also significant outside of Ireland. The nation most likely to take a car holiday are the French, where almost seven out of ten are planning to take to the roads of Europe this year,” says Lars Olsson, Head of Travel, North Sea.



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