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Tarifa, Spain: The beaches Playa Valdevaqueos and Punta Paloma in Tarifa to become modern residential and hotel complex areas

The unique beaches Playa Valdevaqueros and Punta Paloma in Tarifa in southern Spain are still virgin and untouched paradises with stunning wild nature: Golden sand dunes rolling from the ocean to meet pine forests and crystal clear waters where the Mediterranean sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. No high buildings, no sunbeds, no hotels or amusement parks, just nature, sand, wind and sea. As it should be when beautiful beaches are kept just as they are.

The winds and the coastline in Tarifa brings windsurfers from all over the world to the white beaches in souther Spain. Windsurfing, kite surfing and an absolutely unique and relaxed atmosphere without traffic jams, fancy dressing and expensive restaurants brings people to the camp sites in Tarifa, and Playa Valdevaqueros at Punta Paloma is the highlight if you really want to feel free for a while. But the beach Playa Valdevaqueros in Tarifa is to become a residential area and a hotel resort: Bye bye treasure of nature and bye bye to the southernmost and maybe also the last really, really, wild beach in Europe!

Playa Valdevaqueros in Tarifa threatened by hotel projects and the construction of residential areas

From the beach Playa Valdevaqueros you see the small town of Tarifa to the left, huge white sand dunes and pine forests, and an infinite number of small beautiful coves if you look to the right. If you look right over the water and the waves you will see the coast of Africa so close that you feel that you almost can touch it if you stretch out your fingertips. There really is something magic about the beaches in Tarifa! Something magic that will be destroyed forever: The municipality of Tarifa has approved permission to build a huge residential and commercial area on the Valdevaqueros – Punta Paloma Beach area with 350 homes and 1423 hotel rooms that will be built on the unique beach.


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