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Spanair will operate 67 domestic routes from March, with over 47.500 flights offering over 7 millions seats

The company opens a direct daily flight between Barcelona and Almeria.

Spanair strengthens its position as the airline with more flights and domestic and international destinations from Barcelona

Spanair will add 10 direct routes from the peninsula to and from the Canary
Islands between 27th July and 6th September

Spanair has published its new Flight Schedule for the summer season, starting March 29 and running to October 24.
With this program, Spanair continues to commit itself as the second leading
airline operating in Spain in number of passengers and as the first alternative
from Barcelona airport, maintaining numerous connections through its two main
hubs based in Madrid and Barcelona. It also offers 24 international routes
operated in code share with its Star Alliance partners.

In the summer season, Spanair will operate a total of 756 domestic weekly
flights to/from Barcelona and 740 international flights; it will operate 660
international flights and 550 domestic flights to/from Madrid. In both cases
code-share flights and those destinations operated by Star Alliance partners are

Moreover, the Winter 2009/2010 Schedule is already available in order to allow
the passengers to purchase their tickets in advance.

Summer 2009 Schedule

Over 47.500 flights and 67 domestic routes

Spanair offers for the summer season more than 47,500 flights spread over 67
routes (21 mainland routes, including the Air Shuttle service Barcelona-Madrid),
27 to the Canary Islands, 6 to the Balearic Islands and 13 international

Furthermore, the company offers an additional 20 international destinations from
Madrid and 19 from Barcelona in collaboration with its Star Alliance partners
enabling it to position itself as the number one airline from Barcelona in the
number of weekly flights offered and destinations served.

The Canary Islands: over 7,000 flights, over 1,200,000 seats and 10 additional
routes in the summer.

Spanair maintains its commitment with the Canary Islands offering numerous
routes and connections, matching the needs of the residents of the islands and
the passengers who travel for business or leisure.

Next summer, Spanair will 2 weekly flights from Madrid to Fuerteventura and 3 to
South Tenerife. It will also increase from 2 to 4 its direct frequencies to
Lanzarote, completing its service from Barcelona to the Canary Islands as it
maintains its daily flights to Tenerife and Las Palmas.

With this schedule, Spanair will be the only airline serving 5 direct
destinations between Barcelona and the archipelago, and the only one flying as
well to Fuerteventura and South Tenerife. The 50 weekly flights planned between
the Catalan capital and the archipelago set Spanair as the best alternative in
this market in flights and seats offered.

The company will still be flying daily between Madrid and the following islands:
Las Palmas (5 daily frequencies), North Tenerife (4), Lanzarote, Fuerteventura y
South Tenerife (1). Between Bilbao and South Tenerife there will be 3 weekly
frequencies, 3 to Lanzarote and 1 to Las Palmas. Furthermore, weekly flights
between South Tenerife and Malaga, Valencia and Santiago will continue, as well
as the connection between Valencia and Lanzarote.

From the 27th July and until 6th September Spanair will be offering 10
additional direct connections between the mainland and the Canary Islands:

- From Seville to Las Palmas, South Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.
- From Santiago de Compostela to Las Palmas, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.
- From Vigo to Las Palmas and South Tenerife.
- From Bilbao to Fuerteventura.

Over 350 weekly flights to Balearic Islands

With the new Flight Schedule for the summer, Spanair will be the airline with
the largest number of weekly flights linking the Balearics with Barcelona and
Madrid, with 352 in total and the only operator who offers 3 connections between
the islands with Madrid and Barcelona, as well as it keeps multiple daily
flights between the two capitals and the islands Mallorca, Ibiza and Minorca.

Furthermore, Spanair will be the company with more daily frequencies from/to
each island and Madrid and Barcelona: 8 between Barcelona and Mallorca, 7
between Madrid and Mallorca, 4 between Barcelona and Minorca, 3 between Madrid
and Minorca, 3 between Barcelona and Ibiza and 3 between Madrid and Ibiza.

Mainland: a new route and over 800 weekly flights

With regard to the mainland routes, Spanair will offer 820 weekly flights in 21
domestic routes. The company will also offer service in 138 flights in the Air
Shuttle service Barcelona-Madrid: 12 dailies from Monday to Friday; 4 on
Saturday and 6 on Sunday.

To complete its commitment with Barcelona Airport, the company will open from
Sunday 3rd May a new daily route to connect Barcelona and Almeria, departing
from Barcelona at 10:45 a.m. and arriving to Almeria at 12:45 p.m. By this way
Spanair completes its service to Almeria, as it already operates a direct flight
to Madrid.

The flight between Barcelona and Seville is the other important novelty: it will
depart at 10:25 a.m. from El Prat, completing the service offered between the
Catalan capital and the Andalusian city.

On the other hand, Spanair has changed the schedule between Barcelona and Jerez
de la Frontera, and will operate it in the afternoon. By this way Spanair offers
the only option to fly to Barcelona in the afternoon and it improves remarkably
the connection flights. The flight will depart from Barcelona at 13:50 p.m. and
at 16:10 from Jerez.

The offer of mainland flights are in accordance with the concerns of passengers
both in leisure or business, by offering many schedules and frequencies,
highlighting the routes to and from Bilbao, A Coruña, Valencia, Mallorca, Las
Palmas, Tenerife, Malaga or Seville, where up 8 daily frequencies are operated.

International routes

With regard to the International routes, Spanair continues operating 220 weekly
direct flights:

- From Barcelona to Algiers, Banjul, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Munich.
- From Madrid to Banjul, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Frankfurt.
- From Bilbao to Valencia and Munich.
- From Malaga and Copenhagen.
- From Malaga and Copenhagen.

Furthermore, Spanair operates code-shared flights from several Spanish cities to
Bangkok, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Warsaw, Geneva,
Zurich, Basel, Tallinn, Oslo, Lisbon, Porto, London, Riga, and Philadelphia, and



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