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Rail Europe & RENFE celebrate exceptional sales for Spanish train tickets in 2011

In a gloomy economic environment, the 2011 performance of Spain's National Railways was remarkable, with passenger numbers increasing by 2,9%, in excess of 468 million.

More high speed services, excellence in service and aggressive pricing have helped Renfe Operadora attract more travellers in 2011, thus gaining market shares against other mode of transportation. In a gloomy economic environment, the 2011 performance of Spain's National Railways was remarkable, with passenger numbers increasing by 2,9%, in excess of 468 million.

The impressive afflux of travellers from non-European countries boosted these results. With a growth in travellers' numbers approaching 70%, Rail Europe 4A, the largest distributor of train tickets in the world and primary distributor or Renfe products, opens the doors of Renfe high speed trains to more and more people.

All Rail Europe 4A markets are in the black, top 3 countries being Japan, Brazil and Argentina. Spain’s popularity as a tourist destination is on the up since 2010 and the same is evident from 82% growth in sales from India. Sales from India stood at almost EUR 300,000 thus placing it 7th amongst all Rail Europe 4A markets.

"We are very proud of our results", says Pierre-Stéphane Austi, CEO of Rail Europe. "They demonstrate how an intelligent, win-win cooperation can bring great results to all parties, distributors and carriers alike".

The two companies indeed signed a direct agreement in April 2011, which proved instrumental in reaching such positive results. The agreement allowed among others a direct connexion between the two companies' distribution systems, access to a larger range of fares (including the "low cost" ones) and e-ticketing facilities.

"This agreement was a major step in our distribution strategy, allowing us to better serve our clients in the non-European markets thanks to Rail Europe presence. Today we are happy to celebrate an excellent first year, and look forward to repeating this performance in 2012", says Javier Casado Ucieda, Sales and Marketing Director at Renfe.

In 2012, Rail Europe expects sales of Renfe tickets to grow fast too. Acting as a one-stop-shop for rail products in Europe and in Spain in particular, the company will continue to promote train travel in Spain, and benefit from all improvements undertaken by Renfe. With faster trains between major cities -it now takes only 2h30 door to door between Madrid and Barcelona or 1h38 between Madrid and Valencia- and very low lead-in prices, trains are more than ever the best way to travel in Spain!

Renfe-Operadora is the national railways of Spain and one of the largest rail carriers in the world. Operating the most modern fleet in the world, on the longest high speed rail network in Europe, it offers a seamless travel experiences thanks to excellent quality of service, numerous frequencies and unmatched punctuality. Its flagship train, the AVE, is the most punctual and fastest high speed train in Europe.

Rail Europe is the #1 distributor of train tickets and rail passes in the world, selling through appointed General Sales Agents and directly on the web through localised websites (local currency, local language, local service).


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