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A Weekend In Seville For Two For Just €300? Only-apartments throw life line to cash strapped Brits

Romantic, historic and oozing Andalucía charm, Seville is the holiday destination of choice for local Spaniards and British holidaymakers alike. Yet despite its popular reputation, a weekend in the Spanish city is surprisingly affordable. Short stay holiday apartments are fast emerging as the next big thing in European travel and Only-apartments is at the forefront of the trend. With two person studios starting from just €29 a night, Seville accommodation doesn’t have to blow the budget. For those wishing for a late summer getaway that doesn’t break the bank, a short term rental puts orange blossom and Moorish architecture within reach.

Alon Eldar, CEO of Only-Apartments said, “Seville definitely isn’t the cheapest destination in Spain however with our fantastic range of budget friendly apartments, a weekend in the sun kissed Spanish city can be a reality for even the thriftiest of travelers. With sun filled dates, a thriving foodie culture and an abundance of things to see and do, a Seville city break is just the ticket for culture vultures when the kids go back to school.”

The first step to a €300 weekend in Seville is to seek out cost effective accommodation. Due to its popularity, visitors often find themselves paying €80 for a room that would cost €50 elsewhere in the country. Only-apartments offer budget conscious travelers a fantastic solution to easing the accommodation sting. With 195 apartments peppered across the city, holidaymakers are spoilt for choice. From king size beds and chef style kitchens to sun drenched courtyards and rooftop gardens, there is a unique apartment to suit the needs of every traveler.

Located in the heart of the city, B5 Plaza Duque is the ideal option for couples in search of cozy accommodation. After settling in, a quick walk to the Guadalquivir River is the perfect place to enjoy a sunset cerveza . For groups of friends, the luxurious Coliseo VIII sleeps up to 10 people at just €123 per night. The riverside location is the perfect base for sightseeing while the open plan lounge and dining area is designed for socialising. Families will love the two bedroom Santiago 2 located in the central Santa Cruz district. Equipped with a crib and a highchair, the family friendly apartment makes travelling with kids a breeze.

The next major financial outlay is flights. For those with flexible travel dates, utilizing the Skyscanner ‘whole month’ search function is a fantastic way to secure the best possible deal. For travelers confined to a specific weekend, using quote compare sites and enlisting the help of a travel agent can still result in substantial savings.

After accommodation and flights, the only major remaining expense is food and entertainment. When booking an apartment, food costs can be slashed by making use of the fully equipped kitchen. A great compromise is to have breakfast and dinner in-house and splurge on an authentic tapas style lunch. Comfortable lounges and balconies are also ideal for sipping on a glass of store bought local wine. Saved cash can then be spent on things such as entrance to attractions and souvenirs.





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