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PerryGolf Travel Announces 2012-2013 Golf Vacations to Top Golf Destinations in the WorldPerryGolf is announcing several new golf vacation plans this year for the golf traveler including more choices and themes for golf couples, than any other international golf tour operator. Perry Golf has also launched its 2012 International Golf Touring Schedule and its 2012 Golf Cruise Schedule that can be found on PerryGolf has also opened booking for a golf cruise tour to the 2013 British Open Golf Tournament.

PerryGolf was founded in August 1984, with the goal of providing the finest golf travel experience possible to the British Isles. Additionally PerryGolf provides expertly personalized golf and travel experiences to twelve of the world’s most desirable and memorable golfing destinations.
Luxury golf trips to the British Isles has defined PerryGolf as the travel host of choice for Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland golf vacations. It is here in our home, the Home of Golf, where we offer unrivaled access to guaranteed play on the Old Course, St Andrews, where you can choose unique lodge accommodation options for a group or family's exclusive use. Where you can travel the land in one of our VIP Golf Coaches accompanied by a concierge driver.
Now PerryGolf travel operators have established themselves as the leading golf travel company to twelve of the world’s most desirable and memorable golf destinations: Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, South Africa, China, Australia and New Zealand. takes away the work, and the guess work, so that every aspect of a golf tour – tee times, hotel accommodations, local transportation, caddies, dinner reservations, sightseeing, everything – is arranged into a customized efficient itinerary that permits couples or groups of  traveling golfers to enjoy the most renown world golf courses today with the camaraderie of their friends.
Those who wish to combine their love of the game of golf with their passion for travel, will find themselves highly rewarded. With superb golf, the most sought after international golf courses and travel destinations. Complimented by safaris, wine tasting, luxury sailing by barging on river cruises and small-ship ocean liners, tours of castles and gardens, luxury train tours, epicurean adventures, golf safaris, and world class luxurious accommodation.
The unique leisure of combining golf and cruise promises one of the most enlightening and relaxing experiences imaginable. PerryGolf has significant history in this area having operated numerous golf cruise travel programs since 1999 by charter and through partnerships with luxury cruise lines and independent owner/operators. The Golf and Cruise Schedule includes tours in Provence, France; Amsterdam to Southampton; Charleston to Savannah; Nice to Nice; Burgundy, France; Southampton to Amsterdam; Copenhagen to Amsterdam; Berkshire, England; Edinburgh to Southampton; Rome to Barcelona;  and the 2013 British Open Golf Cruise. 
"Marquee golf is offered in nearly every corner of the world. Those who wish to combine their love of the game with their passion for international travel will find PerryGolf uniquely qualified to deliver the experience of a lifetime. We have 25 years of expertise in arranging every aspect of a seamless itinerary. Whether you prefer the legendary links of St Andrews or a golf safari when you play golf in South Africa," states President Gordon Dalgleish.

About Perry Golf |
Established in 1984, Wilmington, N.C.-based offers the travel industry’s most prestigious and diverse selection of luxury golf tours and lifestyle experiences to the British Isles, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and China.




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