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Rent A Car in Spain - Car Hire Spain

Rent a Car in Spain - Car Hire Spain

The best option if you want to see more of Spain than the hotel and the local beach where you are staying is to Rent a Car.

Organized tours and excursions are not very common in Spain, and taxi is a rather expensive option to travel around. To Rent a Car in Spain and drive yourself is absolutely the best way to discover Spain. It is always important to be really sure of the terms and conditions, as well as the price, before you Rent a car in Spain. Is the insurance included? Is there an extra charge if you leave or pick up the car at the airport?   .......     Rent a Car in Spain: Click HERE!

Driving in Spain is no problem at all, except that it is almost always quite difficult to find a place to park. Some Spanish traffic laws are very important to keep in mind if you Rent a Car in Spain. For example, it is absolutely forbidden to use the cell phone while driving in Spain, except if you are using a hands free system. You can also get fined by the Spanish traffic police if you, or a passenger in your car, throws a cigarette or any kind of waist trough the window when you are driving. The person who is driving a car in Spain is responsible for vehicle, and the security of the passengers. Not only the driver should drive with the seatbelt fastened when traveling by car in Spain.

Driving in Spain: Buckle up and drive safely!

Earlier, it was not necessary to wear seat belts while driving within the city limits in Spain. But that has changed. Now seatbelts are obligatory whenever driving or riding in Spanish cars. Current Spanish traffic laws says that all passengers must use seatbelts, even in the backseats. Alcohol Controls in Spain has increased in recent years, especially in nights and weekends, and even more in tourist areas and it is now absolutely forbidden to use telephones while driving in Spain.

Within the city limits of Spanish cities and towns the speed is often limited to 50 km per hour. On major roads in Spain the max. speed is 100 km / hour, and on motorways 120 km per hour.


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