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Selwo Aventura Estepona: Things to do on Costa del Sol

Selwo Aventura, the nature, adventure and wildlife park in Estepona in the heart of the Costa del Sol, has drawn up a full programme with assorted novelties and surprises that will play out over the season. Ever since its opening in 1999 Selwo Aventura has been a remarkably dynamic park that has incorporated numerous new features, not just new species but also facilities and outstanding conservation and breeding programmes for endangered species. In Selwo Aventura births have occurred that are significant milestones in the conservation of wildlife species around the world such as the Bengal tiger, northern bald ibis, Angolan giraffe, red panda, emperor titi monkey, European bison, etc. And in 2008 the only birth of an Asian elephant in Spain occurred here.

Selwo Aventura, in Estepona on the the Costa del Sol, covers nearly one million square meters. Within this huge wild territory more than 2,000 animals from around the planet live in a state of semi-freedom and in conditions similar to their natural habitats. Visitors can observe, from very close quarters, the park’s fauna that lives in surroundings that have been perfectly designed for and adapted to the needs of each species.

Tours of this fascinating territory are by foot or perfectly conditioned off-road trucks over exclusive and comfortable routes that transport the visitor to different landscapes from Africa and other continents without leaving the Costa del Sol. Selwo Aventura also has various areas for rest and relaxation. The Portico of Nature, the first of Selwo Aventura’s routes, boasts leafy and well-tended tropical and sub-tropical vegetation. On this route is to be found the Tropical Forest (Bosque Tropical), a novel facility expressly designed to allow the visitor go inside it and take part in an educational discussion about different species that have their origins in this great tropical jungle and to see from close at hand, and without any kind of barrier, such representative Amazonian species as the pygmy marmoset, the smallest primate on the planet; the toucan, the iguana and the seriema. Different species of primates, exotic birds, Nile crocodiles, meercats, etc. also live in the Portico of Nature. In addition, it is the site of the Selwo Aventura nursery, where the visitor can see the young of various species, and the new gazelle and cheetah breeding facilities.

In the Central Village (Poblado Central) are to be the found the Bengal tiger facilities and the Night Cave (Gruta de la Noche), with nocturnal species such as the eagle owl, fruit bat and porcupine. Very close, in the large territory known as the Lakes Reserve (Reserva de los Lagos), the large land mammals such as the family of elephants made up of three adult specimens and the baby Kanvar, the only Asian 45 elephant to be born up until now in Spain, giraffes, white rhinoceros and other species representative of African and Asian wildlife. The Valleys Route (Ruta de los Valles) takes the visitor into a territory inhabited by such species as American and European bison, camels, elands, brown bears and lions. Bird Canyon (Cañón de las Aves, the largest natural aviary in Europe), with various species of birds, completes the Selwo Aventura routes.

Selwo Aventura stages various exhibitions, such as of serpents and birds of prey, and spectacular adventure activities: swinging bridges, dromedary rides, archery and Ziwa, the longest fixed Tyrolean traverse in Europe. If you wish you can extend your stay at Selwo Lodge, Selwo Aventura’s exclusive hotel that is made up of the Watu and Masai villages, with huts that replicate construction characteristic of the African continent. Each, however, has all the conveniences of a comfortable lodging accommodation, with double bedrooms, television, bathroom and air conditioning.

The Nature Classroom (Aula de la Naturaleza) and the Selwo Aventura campgrounds offer innovative environmental education activities for the younger set that are designed to foster respect for nature and wildlife. The Classroom and the campgrounds have the Kenya and Zulu villages, two options for spending a few days at Selwo Aventura.

For more information: / 902 19 04 82 Address: Autovía Costa del Sol, km. 162.500. Las Lomas de Monte. 29680 Estepona (Malaga) e-mail:


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