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Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Spain and in India

The Fundación Vicente Ferrer (FVF) is a NGOD (Non Governmental Organization on Development) engaged in the transformation process of one of the poorest and neediest areas in India, Anantapur, as well as the transformation of the more underprivileged communities of the country, dalits (untouchable), tribal groups and the so-called backward castes. Its founder, Vicente Ferrer (1920-2009), has been working tirelessly along the most discriminated communities of the region for over 40 years.

The Fundacion Vicente Ferrer is a humanitarian organization based in a philosophy of action which, currently, and after a few decades of hard work in Anantapur, has become a model within the frame of the International Cooperation and has succeeded in awakening the consciences of thousands of people in the fight towards the eradication of extreme poverty.

The Fundación Vicente Ferrer is formed by two groups –one in Spain and another one in India - working together to eradicate poverty and social differences in Anantapur. Thus, Indians and Spaniards become the main players of the financial, social and cultural development happening in that area.

In India, the Foundation works as a social institution, respecting the environment and playing the key roles in a transformation process focused on an ultimate goal: the development of the rural community. The organization does not search for immediate solutions but for continuity in time.

A team of over 1.800 people work in Anantapur under the leadership of Anna Ferrer and Moncho Ferrer, Program Director and Deputy Director of the organization in India respectively.

In Spain, FVF (registered on March 18, 1997 under number 08/0315 of the Foundation’s Registry) has its own working methodology with the assistance of a wide network of delegations and representatives. It is run by an engaged, enthusiastic, credible and reliable management. The funds collected in our country assure the continuity of the program in India.

Currently, near 140.000 contributors finance all projects developed in Anantapur with their donations, thus allowing the more underprivileged and poorer people in that area to have a chance to escape from social marginalization.

The main part of the Foundation’s work focuses on people regarded as "non-caste": dalits or untouchables, whom, historically, have been condemned to the hardest jobs. Our NGO works with the objective to accomplish that all these people, positioned in the lowest part of the social pyramid, have full control of their own fate and be able to obtain decent living conditions.

Ever since 2005, and with the sole purpose to give a major impulse to the Project, the Foundation also includes tribal groups and members of the so-called backward cast among its beneficiaries, that is unprivileged people suffering a clear situation of marginalization and living under poverty or extreme poverty conditions.

Initiating a long-term solution change and contributing to eradicate poverty requires a lot of hard work in the following areas:

Health: Implementing a public health-care network.

Housing: Being able to offer a decent home to all families.

Education: Promoting the right to an education.

People with special needs: Favouring their social and labour integration.

Women: Favouring an active participation in their economic and social environment.

Ecology: Creating infrastructures to fight against desertification.

About Vicente Ferrer

Vicente Ferrer was born in Barcelona (Spain) on April 9th, 1920 and his childhood years took place between Barcelona and Gandía. The year 1936 brought the civil war and Vicente (being 16 years old at that time) was required to join the republican army, "La Quinta del Biberón". Once the war was over, he started his Law studies with the firm determination to find the true path towards helping other people.

He felt attracted by the religious organization Compañía de Jesús as it gave an image of bravery, wisdom, noble ideals and fight for a better world. Thus he gave up his studies and joined the religious order with the hope to fully achieve his ideology.



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