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Seville Spain - Tradition and Modernity: Seville is a Worldwide Top Tourist Destination

Seville has large historical, monumental and cultural heritage. From the days it was a crossroads of all the civilisations, which settled by the river Guadalquivir. Today Seville is a meeting point where people live together in a tolerant atmosphere.  Tradition and modernity go together in Seville, feeling proud of the past and excitedly facing a promising future.

The wise combination of tradition and innovation is one of the factors which have made Seville a first rate tourist destination worldwide. People from all over the world choose to visit the city of Seville every year, attracted by the good climate, rich gastronomy, people's hospitality and to admire one of the most beautiful and amazing cities in the world: Seville.

This is Andalusia, and to many, Andalusia means just one thing, i.e., Seville. Who can fail to fall for the charm of this city on the banks of the Guadalquivir river, especially during the season when its hundreds of orange trees are in flower and the nights are full of magic? Once Spain’s largest city, the gateway through which the riches of the New World poured, today the capital of Andalusia is a prosperous hub of commercial and industrial activity, the centre of a rich agricultural region, yet such is Sevillians’ easy-going attitude to life, such is their capacity for fun and fiestas, that visitors are left wondering how they ever get any work done. The city puts an enormous effort into the lavish Holy Week processions in spring, a celebration that manages to combine religious solemnity with Andalusian flair. No sooner is that finished than it is time for the April Feria, a round-the-clock party that lasts a week. Seville will pull out the stops for any occasion, be it an international sports event, a world fair, or a royal wedding.

It could be that Seville learned to enjoy the finer things in life in the days of the Moors, when it was the capital of King Al-Mutamid, known for his love of poetry and music. The Moors left behind marvellous examples of their architecture, such as the Giralda, at one time a minaret and today part of Seville’s cathedral, Christendom’s third largest.

Seville is Spain's third urban tourist destination, ideal for individual tourists who search culture and pleasure. But also for visitors who come to attend congresses, conventions and incentive trips, thanks to its modern infrastructure and an excellent communications system. Read more about congresses, conventions and incentive trips in Seville: Click HERE >>

Discover Seville: There are many interesting cultural visits and walking tours around the City of Seville. Seville is a big city full of rich history an places to visit. The must see in Seville are many: Historic buildings and quarters, monasteries and fascinating streets are waiting to be discovered. Seville is a beautiful city that is full of life! Discover Seville: Click HERE >>

Seville - Sevilla

Located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, in recent years the city of Seville has undergone major changes, brought about by the efforts of a dynamic, modern society in which quality services and the incorporation of new technologies have turned it into a top-ranking tourism product in Southern Europe. The Strategic Plan "Seville 2010", Agreement for Tourism in Seville and others which are already under way, for example the Underground and integrating the river into the city are preparing Seville for a prosperous future.

Visit Seville for a Truly Unique Experience

Set in picturesque southern Spain, the capital of Andalusia is the perfect travel destination as the UK becomes colder. Seville is situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. This southern gem is ranked the fourth largest city in Spain, with a population of 1.5 million. The city is more than 2,000 years old and has played a pivotal role in the shaping of modern day Spain. Before leaving for Seville, however, travelers are encouraged to obtain sufficient travel insurance to provide cover for the duration of their trip.

With a heritage steeped in medieval, renaissance and baroque cultures, Seville was also heavily influenced by Arabic culture. The city offers visitors a host of notable attractions, including: The Cathedral of Seville – Under construction from 1401 to 1519, this cathedral is one of the biggest religious monuments in Europe, both in terms of volume and area. Lavish decorations, including gilded details, adorn this prime example of Gothic and Baroque architecture. It is must-see for all architectural enthusiasts and is open daily, with free entrance on Sundays.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Seville – Established in 1835, this museum houses masterpieces from some of the most significant artists of the 'Sevillian School'. Visitors will find works by Murillo, Pacheco, Zurbarán, and Valdés Leal, amongst others, on display in this fantastic building.

Seville also boasts a vibrant nightlife, including activities such as botelloning, where large groups of people gather at specific meetings points across the city to share a drink as an alternative to bars or restaurants. Two of the most popular botelloning venues in the city are the banks of the Guadalquivir River and the Plaza San Salvador.

Seville is often overlooked for other major cities in Spain, but with so much to see and do, it is a must see for all travelers.

Triana: El Barrio de Triana / The District of Triana in Seville

Triana is much more than just another Seville district. It has a unique identity composed of corrales de vecinos (originally, traditional courtyards surrounded by modest apartments), history and legends, plus the streets San Jacinto, Pureza and Castilla, the Plaza del Altozano, the Isabel II Bridge, more commonly known as the "Triana Bridge", and the Calle Betis, which runs parallel to the River Guadalquivir and offers a stunning view of the city. Read more about Triana: Click HERE >>

Transport and Communications Seville

San Pablo International Airport Seville

Seville is well communicated with all the major Spanish cities as well as to the most important European capitals and the rest of the world through flight connections. Most of the flights arriving to the airport in Seville are operated via Madrid or Barcelona. Many of the charter flights departing from Andalusia to South America also leaves from the airport in Seville.

Estación de Santa Justa/Santa Justa Train Station Seville

Santa Justa train station, situated in the heart of Seville, is a modern building designed by architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz.

Seville has one of the most advanced railway networks in Europe, with its high-speed AVE line covering the journey to Madrid in two hours and 15 minutes. Moreover, in the short term, Barcelona will be just four and a half hours away.

The network also includes an efficient suburban service with connections to the main towns in the metropolitan area. A new suburban railway ring will connect the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos convention centre, San Pablo Airport, the Santa Justa railway station, and the San Bernardo halt.

Airports with connections to Seville

Domestic flights from Seville

A Coruña, Alicante, Asturias, Arrecife/Lanzarote, Barcelona, Bilbao, Gran Canaria, Madrid, Oviedo/Asturias, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, San Sebastián, Tenerife Norte, Tenerife Sur, Valencia, Valladolid and Zaragoza.

International flights from Seville

Amsterdam, Bruselas, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Lisbonn, Liverpool, London Gatwick, London Stansted, Milán/Orio al Serio, París Orly, París Charles de Gaulle, Rome/Fiumicino, Toulouse and Verona.

Port of Seville

The Port of Seville is situated 80 km. from the mouth of the River Guadalquivir. The Port of Seville is the only commercial river port in Spain. Its projection is towards the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea for several reasons the port in Seville and several factors raise it to a position of first class logistic and commercial centre. The increased use of the Port of Seville as a stopover for many cruise liners, and the redevelopment of the Muelle de las Delicias, are both helping to integrate the area as part of the city.

Distance from the port to:

The Airport: 10 km. High-speed train station: 3 km

The City centre: 0.5 km. Shopping areas: 2 km.

Cruise lines calling at Seville: Arcalia Shipping. Cunard Line Ltd. Fred Olsen. Hapag Lloyd. Hoteles Marinos. Mar Line Universal Shipping Co. Marina Cruise Company. Peter Deilmann Reederei. Portsun Maritime Inc. Renaissance Cruises. Royal Hispania. Seabourn Cruise Line. CroisiEurope

Seville and the Cinema: The European Film Festival in Seville

 For a few days every year, coinciding with the Seville European Film Festival, which features close on a hundred screenings, the city becomes the world reference for contemporary European film-making. Parallel activities such as seminars, lectures and tributes to the best actors and directors, as well as an award ceremony, are just some of the additional great attractions of this festival. The event is devoted entirely to contemporary European film and is unique in the world precisely because of this exclusively European quality in every section of the event and also because of the number of films screened. But Seville's links with the seventh art go beyond this festival: renowned directors choose the city as the setting for their films.

The continuity of this relationship with first-class institutions in the film world is guaranteed by the city's association with the European Film Academy (EFA), the European Film Promotion (EFP), Eurimages, TV5 Monde and Canal Arte. The European Film Festival has recently incorporated the Euromed Programme via a new section dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of films made in Arab and South Mediterranean countries. Seville is also the place where the nominations for the European awards are made.
Seville Film Office/Sevilla Film Office

This municipally-funded office offers a wide range of free services aimed at  promoting the production of both national and international films set in Seville. As such, it provides all the necessary information for planning, facilitating and conducting shoots in optimum conditions.

Its main functions are as follows:

· providing production assistance,

· advising production companies on locations,

· supporting Seville-based production companies.

More information about Seville:



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