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Spanish Wine App in your iPhone

The Repsol Guide to Spanish Wines is now available for iPhone. The free download application at the Apple Store allows users to check information on 1,450 Spanish wines and 655 Spanish wine cellars instantly, without the need for an internet connection. Once the app is downloaded, the Guide is stored on the iPhone, giving instant information without need to wait for data to load.

The size and ease of use of the iPhone give added value to this new version of the Spanish Wine Guide, which complements the current printed and online editions, allowing users to select their favourite wines, search for a wine cellar, a particular product or the best option on a restaurant menu, at any time and any place.

The Repsol Guide to Spanish Wines for iPhone allows users to search by name, type, scores, classification, year, Autonomous Community of origin and price. The result is displayed in a simple datasheet which includes the source and quality, possible combinations and the optimum storage temperature. Users can save the chosen datasheets, enabling them to view the characteristics of the selected wine at any time.

The application is also able to search for Spanish wine cellars by proximity with geographic coordinates. The iPhone locates the user position on the map and finds the nearest wine cellars.

If users wish to discover Spanish  wines from a particular region, they can select a specific Autonomous Community in Spain and obtain a listing of its wine cellars that includes a whole range of wines from each.

Wine tasting and classification is carried out by a large and varied team of professionals related to the wine world, supervised and coordinated by the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy. Specialist technicians, sommeliers, gastronomy journalists and experts in wine sensory analysis have also participated in this work, periodically undertaking rigorous tasting sessions in order to offer the best selection of Spanish wines that are included in the Repsol Guide to the Best Spanish Wines.

Once again, Repsol offers visitors original ideas for enjoying the best wines in Spain on trips and getaways, reaffirming its commitment to tourism and gastronomy.



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